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Need a Contact Sport? Try Contact Management

Written by Posted On Friday, 19 July 2019 05:25

If you have heard me speak in the past you might have already heard this story. I was traveling across the country doing my Contact Management Seminar, which included my F.O.R.D. system (more about that in a future article/blog). As I was standing in the hall outside the room I was going to present in, an elderly (my current age now) gentleman asked if I was the teacher–I prefer the term presenter less bad memories–and I said yes. He asks, “Do you think I need this class?”

I asked him what system he was using for contact management; Top Producer, Outlook or some other system? He pulls a stack of 3” x 5” index cards from his shirt pocket and his answer: “this one”. As I looked at the cards I saw paper clips, rubber bands and most were rather tattered. I needed to know his system, wanted to know how this gentleman was doing his contact management, I asked. He said, “These cards are divided up by current transactions, prospects, past clients and people I need to be a REALTOR®, like home inspectors, lenders and title companies.” Each section was held together by a rubber band and I asked him to explain how he used the prospects and past clients stack. He showed me the card, it had all the information needed about the person, family, dates, interest and so on. He explained when he contacted one of these people he took notes and moved the card to the back of the bundle after noting the date and anything new. I noticed some had paper clips holding more than one card, I had to ask and he said he talked to those people a lot. He told me as he had free time during the day and evening he’d just pulled the stack out, read the top card and called them.

With great respect, I asked if he was available to teach the class I was about to present! He did stick around but he left me with one giant lesson: It’s not the system, it’s not about the amount of money you spend, it’s the person and part of my theme was taking a lead or prospect to a higher, better relationship! Maybe 3 x 5 cards are the answer for some of you!

I will be discussing more on what to do with these contacts in future articles!

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Dick Betts

Dick Betts is a National Speaker who brings four decades of business experience to his classes and seminars.  For the past 19 years he has traveled North America presenting to all types of businesses.  His down-to-earth style of speaking and understanding the subject material he covers has led Dick to be one of the industries top speakers.  He practices what he teaches in his own business life which includes coordinating his busy schedule and client management.   Dick’s topics include Mobile Technology (he’s known as the guru of Smartphones); Web Presence/Marketing, and Business Management which includes Time and Customer Relationship Management.  He understands the Facebook Generation and how to market on the web to reach the intended audience.
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