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We Don't Rise to the Level of Our Expectations, We Fall to the Level of Our Training

Written by Posted On Thursday, 22 August 2019 05:25

Yes, I am quoting a Greek Philosopher. First let’s settle who I am quoting in the title of this article! According to many sources it was Archilochus, a Greek lyric poet from the Island of Paros who lived from 680 BC until 645 BC, but it’s not important who said it what matters is the point of the quote.

During my 19-year career I have heard REALTORS® say, “Every time I get a new designation like GRI, ABR or CRS my income increases.” Even 3-hour classes, seminars and webinars can lead to increased income as the agent expands both knowledge and confidence.

I believe there is one big downfall with people trying to rise to the level of expectations: making up answers to questions they don’t know the answer to! I have spent a good part of my life being a teacher, instructor, trainer and speaker and I know for a fact that you NEVER want to make stuff up or try and hide the fact you don’t know something! Some people have a hard time admitting they don’t know the answer to a question; not in my world. I simply say, “What a great question and I wish I had a great answer for that.” Normally I will ask them to write the question on a business card or a note with contact information so I can pass on the information after doing some research. People can see through a smoke screen, and by saying you don’t have an answer but will get one leads to more respect.

Getting back to the title, each of us need to expand our knowledge in the field we have chosen. Many of you have either read or heard me present the “4C’s and 3F’s” live. The 4C’s are Chemistry, Character, Competence and Consistency. Thinking that not having an answer reflects both our Competence and Consistency, most of the time the person asking the question will see you don’t know the answer and are making up an answer, and by faking it, there goes Chemistry and Character. It’s so simple and easy to say, “Sorry I don’t have that answer, but I will get it for you!” Oh, the 3F’s are Find Them, Fleece Them (which includes making up answers without having the facts) and finally Forget Them.

So, REALTORS®, training and more training and even more training. I get so tired of hearing, “Is it CE?” like that is the gold standard of real estate education. It should not be about CE, but rather raising the level of your training, because sometimes you will not be able to rise to the level of expectations!

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Dick Betts

Dick Betts is a National Speaker who brings four decades of business experience to his classes and seminars.  For the past 19 years he has traveled North America presenting to all types of businesses.  His down-to-earth style of speaking and understanding the subject material he covers has led Dick to be one of the industries top speakers.  He practices what he teaches in his own business life which includes coordinating his busy schedule and client management.   Dick’s topics include Mobile Technology (he’s known as the guru of Smartphones); Web Presence/Marketing, and Business Management which includes Time and Customer Relationship Management.  He understands the Facebook Generation and how to market on the web to reach the intended audience.
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