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What Does Your Workbench Look Like?

Written by Posted On Thursday, 07 November 2019 05:25

Over the weekend I was working on a few DIY projects and before I started I realized that recently I have been piling up my tools on my workbench, leaving small piles of tools in the house and around the garage. I grab the small piles of tools, carry them to my work bench and drop them, making a bigger pile. I got to thinking about professionals like auto mechanics and folks working in a shop; all their tools are neatly organized and they know where every screwdriver, wrench and pliers are located. Me, not so much; mine are in a big pile.

Workbench1 min1

My first weekend project was replacing the charging cable on my golf cart. Items needed: wire cutters, screwdrivers, ½ wrench, black electrical tape and my ratchet set. It took me 15 minutes of digging in the pile to find everything I needed. I thought about the mechanic who has everything in place on a peg board and tool cabinet – he would have a 15-minute head start on my unorganized life, and the job only took 15 minutes!

So where am I going with this? Pull out your smartphone, open it up and look at your apps. Are they neatly in order like a mechanics, or are they in a pile like my tools? This really makes a difference in productivity and is so easy to correct. You have two options and they are both right; choose whichever one you feel works best for you.

Option One – Decide which apps you use the most and move them to the first page of apps. I personally think page one should be all productivity and apps needed to support your career, but it’s your phone. Either way, start organizing the apps so you can quickly find what you are looking for, with your most frequently used apps where you can find them quickly.

Option Two – Build folders by category. For example, put all social media apps into a folder, create another folder for news apps, maybe a shopping folder, and I use a travel folder with all my hotel, airlines, rental cars, Uber etc. in one folder.


I have over 150 apps on my phone which is 7 pages of apps. Recently we had a new garage door installed and of course it’s Wi-Fi enabled. When I downloaded the app it went to page 7 of apps. The first time I used it I had to scan 7 pages of apps looking for my garage door app. Yes, I moved it to page two!

While we are talking apps and using your smartphone smartly, let’s discuss the battery. There are so many myths out there about batteries and charging – let’s clear a few up:

Is it hard on your smartphone battery to charge overnight every night? Answer: NO, today’s technology and batteries are just fine charging overnight.

Should I discharge my battery until it’s under 50% before charging? Answer: NO, again it’s not hard on the battery plus it’s better to have a fully charged battery available.

Does completely draining your smartphone battery hurt battery life? Answer: YES, smartphone batteries come with a chip to prevent total discharge. This still is not good as deep drains can shorten battery life.

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Dick Betts

Dick Betts is a National Speaker who brings four decades of business experience to his classes and seminars.  For the past 19 years he has traveled North America presenting to all types of businesses.  His down-to-earth style of speaking and understanding the subject material he covers has led Dick to be one of the industries top speakers.  He practices what he teaches in his own business life which includes coordinating his busy schedule and client management.   Dick’s topics include Mobile Technology (he’s known as the guru of Smartphones); Web Presence/Marketing, and Business Management which includes Time and Customer Relationship Management.  He understands the Facebook Generation and how to market on the web to reach the intended audience.
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