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Ask Denise: New Business Card Blues

Written by Posted On Sunday, 01 December 2019 05:25

Q: “Denise, your team developed my brand last year and I absolutely love it! I use it on everything. But a month ago I changed brokerages and there it is a requirement that I use their company business card. It is hideous! Should I just use my branded business card anyway?”

A: Some brokerages are sticklers when it comes to business cards and signage. If your brokerage has a written requirement and the agents consistently use the company cards and signage, then you should use their company materials. There may be opportunities to use your branded business card outside the standard situations that your brokerage has addressed in their regulations. We always recommend checking with your broker to make sure disclaimers are used correctly and you are in compliance and this is a great opportunity to have a discussion about their expectations regarding material usage.


Source: The Real Estate Zebra 

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