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Best Add-on Apps to Help You Run Your Business Starting with Slack

Written by Posted On Thursday, 13 February 2020 05:25

I am a big fan of utilizing the apps that come on your smartphone, but we all need a few things to help us be efficient and productive.  

If you have been following my recent articles on getting the most out of the apps preloaded on the smartphone, you know I love the calendar, contact, reminders and notes available from Apple and Android, but sometimes we need more. I want to share a few apps over the next few articles I think can help change the way you do business.

Let’s start with Slack – I used Slack for about 3 years and loved it!  Slack allows you to have one on one conversations or group conversations.  Slack, Microsoft Team, Rocket Chat and Mattermost are all communication programs which accomplish about the same task.  So, what is Slack? Best way to describe is text, email, document sharing, video conferencing, searchable messages and being able to find tune your notification all bundled together for FREE!  Security is always a consideration and with Slack your data is encrypted both at rest and in transit. Please consider the security of what you are using currently, email for most of us not secure which is another article, think about the number of times breached emails makes headlines.  Facebook and Instagram hacks, malware and phishing is a constant concern using those platforms to communicate for business. Text is great but very limited plus how many times have you scrolled back months and months of text messages looking for that one nugget, many times it’s not even a contact name rather a phone number because you haven’t entered that person into contacts, we have a better way.

The nuts and bolts of Slack make it very user friendly, it works on all Apple, Android, Windows devices.  You can load Slack on all your devices without a problem and bounce between the devices. You can set notifications on each device how you want to be alerted to a new message.  Personally, I had it set for notifications on my phone and had “Do Not Disturb” programmed to give me peace and quiet overnight. On my Mac, no notifications which prevented when home around the computer everything starting to sound alerts.  Slack is available in the App Store and Google Play for mobile and for both Mac and Windows

How do we incorporate Slack into our world?  You are not a team or do not have an assistant, you can set up one to one channel which you can use for all conversation, document sharing, audio and video conferencing with your clients, prospects or anybody you want.  This channel can be shared to a person or a couple and yourself so everything posted to the thread can be seen and makes collaboration simple. Use it to share all the documents, pictures and conversations, if there is a question if you said or shared something it’s all in one place and can be searched.

If you have a team member, assistant or maybe a couple that need to see all information you set up a group channel.  Now all involved who need to see each message and document has access and a bigger feature is a searchable platform where everything is stored.  I would recommend if you have a team member or assistant included in each channel involving a customer have a separate one to one channel with the team member or assistant. 

Before you decide about Slack check out the website and be sure to click on the “How It Replaces Email” tab.  If you decide to try it and want to play with it before rolling it out for business send me an invitation on Slack we can chat!  I wish all my friends and clients used Slack!

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