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Written by Posted On Wednesday, 23 August 2023 00:00

A: “Denise, my office is doing a business planning session in a couple of weeks which I am very excited about. I have no problem with the planning. In fact, every year I make a plan. But how close does my actual year come to my plan? That can be measured in light years. I really want to make 2020 different. What do you suggest?”

A: Great question! Many agents are thinking about business planning this time of year and what you are experiencing is similar to what a lot of others experience – a challenge of turning plans into actions.

The challenge is a lot of business plans focus on number of transactions, average commissions, etc, but not on the actual consistent steps you need to take to get there. Therefore, because the action isn’t defined, action isn’t taken.

For example, what if I told you that you could increase your business if you just took one action on a consistent basis? That one action may be following up with potential clients at least once per month with consistent information or it might be to provide an amazing closing experience for each and every client?

The goal is to keep it simple. Don’t develop 20 things you have to do in a week because you won’t get them done. Start by choosing 3-5 things that you either will do on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis, or on a transactional basis that wows your potential, current, or past clients. Start with that action plan, do it consistently, and see how that changes your business!


Source: The Real Estate Zebra Blog

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