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Straight Talk to the Incoming President [VIDEO]

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 22 April 2020 05:00

So you’re the incoming President! Congratulations and thanks for the opportunity  to offer some straight talk as to what to expect and what common pitfalls to avoid during your year in office. 

You are often placed in the spotlight as the chief spokesperson for the organization, but this does not mean that you are suddenly the King or Queen. Your job is to move forward the agenda of the organization as developed by the Leadership Team – it is not your agenda. 

You’ll want to demonstrate leadership by team, not by individual. You will delegate and supervise loosely. A good President learns to share the microphone and platform with the team.

You will want the President-Elect to play an important role in operations. While this may be more work than anticipated by the President Elect, it will pay dividends when that person steps up to Presidency the following year and discovers that, as a result of their hard work, there is no longer a learning curve to the new job.

Have a great year. I hope some of the tips in the video will help make it rewarding.

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