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How to Get Back in Control in an Out-of-Control World

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 15 September 2020 05:00

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t get reminded just how much things have changed this year and how dramatically those changes have affected the lives of so many people.

When I accepted that this would be a year of monumental changes, I also had to accept that I had very little control over what was happening around me. However, I also realized that I better get control over what I had control of.  That may sound quite simple initially, but it requires a high level of personal self-discipline to ignore the “crazies” around you and move forward with the things that matter and the things you can control.

It is already September – we have been in this COVID craziness for six months now. If you have been feeling out of control, it is time to take back control of your business and your life and set aside the excuses brought on by outside forces that you have no control over.

There is a lot you CAN control: You control your time, your routine, your schedule, your environment, the relationships you choose to be in, your money, your spending, your savings, and your communications.  And this is just the tip of the iceberg of what you are one hundred percent responsible for making decisions on.

Recently I was speaking with a client who told me she was completely overwhelmed by COVID as well as the upcoming election.  When I asked her what those two things had to do with selling real estate and helping her clients, it quickly became apparent that she was transferring those frustrations to her business rather than those two issues actually affecting her business on a micro level.

I do believe it is important to process emotions, but I also know how critical it is to take back control of your environment.  The simple act of controlling who you communicate with is crucial when you are not feeling one hundred percent.  Learning to say “no” gracefully and stepping away from anyone that is zapping your energy is what you must control during this time.

The simple act of taking back control of your environment can be one of the quickest ways to give yourself a boost.  There is nothing like a new organized desk, office workspace, or even a new photo or set of materials that help you implement a process or campaign to make you feel back in control of your life and your surroundings.

The key during these unique times is to be honest with yourself about what you have lost control of. Make a simple list of all the things you wish you had control of and I promise before you finish the list you will begin to see that just writing it down makes you feel more in control.

Yes it certainly has been quite a year. It is one we won’t forget for a looong time! But, it is also a good reminder that while I can’t control the world, the virus, the government or others, I can most certainly control my world.  And for now that is where I am at and where I am okay with being at.  Don’t let the “crazies” zap you of control over your life and your business.


Source: The Real Estate Zebra Blog

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