What Gift Will You Give?

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Christmas is this week, and many holidays are being celebrated this time of year – I hope you have a wonderful season filled with traditions and memories.

These are times to be with family, eat til we’re filled, and be grateful for our health.

Conversely, this may be a time of mourning the passing of a loved one or lost relationship, a season that isn’t as bounteous as years past left for wanting from the cupboard & bank account, or possibly you may be struggling with a debilitating illness/latest virus making it’s way through your world.

In all of this, I think of you & hope in your trial you can find The Gift.

For a friend of mine who finds this time of year extra difficult & lonely, he is giving himself The Gift of getting lost in his work, photography & art;

For a widow having her first Christmas alone, she is giving herself The Gift by enjoying hot chocolate while viewing old photos, videos, and reflection of the wonderful years past, resolving to carve a new path in keeping The Promise to find happiness in the simple moments moving forward;

For the peer who is thriving, constantly traveling for work, and overflowing with opportunity, The Gift comes in rest, catching his breath, massaging his pregnant wife’s swollen feet, and reacquainting himself with his little children.

In whatever way you can, to commit to giving The Gift is your opportunity at this moment.  To lift where you stand, to give what you can, to gift a smile or simply lend a hand.

This week, I encourage you to find every opportunity to give any Gift you can, to anyone – be it:


A Hug

A Funny Text

A Handwritten Letter

Secretly Shoveling the Snow Off A Neighbor’s Driveway

Favorably Reviewing a Recent Experience

Commenting on a Blog or Article that Inspired You

Referral of a Life-Changing Book

Thumbs Up on a Friend’s Latest Post

A Listening Ear

A Compliment


All of these count as The Gift you can give someone else, it may even be your Signature Moves you are known for, and you can also Promise to Gift yourself something wonderful this time of year.

I saw this post the other day and really thought it was lovely ~

A Teacher assigned students to write down The 7 Wonders of The World.  The Teacher was surprised to receive the following answers by this wise young student:

1. To Touch

2. To Taste

3. To See

4. To Hear

5. To Feel

6. To Laugh

7. To Love

If you’ve had COVID-19 and lost 2 of 5 senses for any time period, then this really hits home.  In fact, my taste & smell are still affected 11 months later – not even near back to normal – nor is my brain from the debilitating brain fog experience…it is tragic and I miss how my life was before.  All I can do now is BE GRATEFUL for what I STILL enjoy, and the memories of what was, and simply move along.

A few major Gifts I gave myself in the past 2 weeks: I filled in as Keynote Speaker for a friend who passed away, who was unable to do his final events, and the money was sent along to his family.  I made no money on the deal & couldn’t be happier about that.  What could be sweeter than filling in for a friend?  That’s literally all I could give as The Gift.

What will yours be?  Promise yourself today you’ll give The Gift that only YOU can give.

Merry Christmas & Happiest of Holidays

Love, The Hewlett Family

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