What Do Advertising And Video Conferencing Have In Common?

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 10 August 2022 10:37

With over 400 million video conferences daily, wouldn’t it be amazing if your advertisement were the first thing everyone on the call would see?

How about empowering your video conferencing app to notify you via text when a new prospect would like to make a connection?

1 Click Connection™ has combined instant accessibility and customized brokerage advertising with today’s video conferencing technology - without providing your phone number. Clients and prospective leads can contact you directly any time with just a quick click of an icon or scan of a QR code. 

It’s simple. Publish the 1 Click Connection™ or Meet Now™  icons or QR code in all of your public-facing digital and print advertisement materials like your website, email signature, business cards, print ads or e-newsletter. When the user initiates a call they will be asked to provide their name and cell phone number before they are directed to a link that will instantly connect them to you via video conferencing. At the same time, you will receive a text message notification providing you with their contact information and your link to commence a video conference call.

Each 1 Click Connection Branded account will display an opening advertisement to all video conferencing participants. This ad may be changed as often as you wish. Once the session commences this screen may be updated with slides, screen share, or video.  

Your ad appears on the opening page of each user session1Click Xtreme Ad

In the instance that you aren’t available, the text you receive allows for you to tap “Not Available”, which will generate a text message back to the user that initiated the call, informing them that you are currently unavailable and directing them to your appointment calendar so that they may schedule a meeting at a later time. This calendar and appointment setting tool is included with the 1 Click Meetings™ app, free of charge. 

In addition to this immediate service, you may also use the app for all of your business and personal video conferencing needs. The app works on Android and Apple IOS cell phone devices, notepads and PCs.

Individual Agent subscriptions are available for $7 per month and office branded versions are $6 or less per agent. Mortgage, Title companies, consider sponsorship of your local real estate office! Learn more at www.1ClickConnection.com.


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