Players Edge Lottery Picks™, a Fun Way to Build Website Traffic, Support Local Merchants

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Combining lottery picks with AI predictive methodology and local advertising to drive web traffic, support local merchants, and delight your visitors

How often do you hear about a “Hot Tip” related to a sporting event? Or how often do you check your horoscope? Similarly, Players Edge Lottery Picks™ generates numbers, not randomly, but by a scientific, predictive AI/ML methodology. With over a year of documented results, Player’s Edge Lottery Picks™ has proven the ability of its technology to exceed winning results compared to the actual lottery drawing results.

The Bring It Home® Communities digital ad network, powered by Ad Persistence, has designed the Player’s Edge Lottery Picks™ for ease of implementation and to be included on any website by way of a widget that will generate a popup displaying recommended lottery picks for the next drawing. A new set of unique numbers is provided with each new visitor for both the Mega Millions® and Powerball® lotteries, with the opportunity for the consumer to generate as many Player’s Edge Lottery Picks™ as they desire.

PlayersEdgeLottoPicksPopUpThe Player’s Edge widget is free of charge to any website owner providing a fun way to build traffic (live site example). Each popup is specially branded to the website owner and displays a linkable coupon or advertisement from a merchant.

“Increasing traffic is a goal of every website owner. Player’s Edge Lottery Picks™ offers a fun feature that will potentially encourage repeat visitors, and there is no cost to participate.” Says John Giaimo, CEO of Bring it Home Communities, Inc.

“We are all about supporting community-focused enterprises,” stated Brian Conway, CEO of Ad Persistence, “by displaying a new merchant offer per popup, we can provide a low-cost means for merchants to generate new business and for consumers to have fun while supporting their local businesses.”

Players Edge Lottery Picks Website

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About Player's Edge Lottery Picks

The Player’s Edge Lottery Picks™ does not conduct gambling of any kind, and its service does not include procurement of any Lottery tickets; its technology is used to promote legal lottery systems by encouraging more lottery players to take part in the excitement of the lottery with the greatest possible opportunity to win which drives more lottery revenue to fund essential state programs, such as education, veterans’ services, seniors, and first responders.

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