20 Reasons There May Never Be a Better Time to Build A New Homes Niche

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 28 March 2023 00:00

There is no doubt about it. This is a great time to build a new home niche in your market. Why? Two reasons: You can corner the market. For proof, search NHCB in your market and see what you get. Little or no competition.

 The higher the interest rates, the greater need by homebuilders for Realtor support. 

  1. 1.New home shoppers tend to have more equity in their homes
  2. 2. New home shoppers tend to have better credit
  3. 3. Local preconstruction buyers tend to list with the Realtor that helps them purchase the new home
  4. 4. You can learn how to establish a new home niche in 2 hours online
  5. 5. You can earn your New Home Co-Broker (NHCB) designation in less than three hours
  6. 6. New home shoppers who want professional new representation can find you by searching your NHCB designation in your zip code or city. 
  7. 7. Homebuilders who want to build a professional new home co-broker can find you by searching your NHCB designation in your zip code or city.
  8. 8. New home builders will ‘buy down the interest rate to offer better terms than resales
  9. 9. The higher interest rates go, the greater the demand for Realtor referrals
  10. 10. When homebuilders hear that you are drawing new home shoppers, they will seek you out for partnerships and listings
  11. 11. Showing new homes will help you sell more resales and new homes
  12. 12. You will make sales you would have missed
  13. 13. Homebuilders write the contract
  14. 14. Home builders manage the transaction
  15. 15. Home builders answer all construction questions 
  16. 16. Home builders help qualify your new home shopper for a mortgage 
  17. 17. Home builders will coordinate the financial closing 
  18. 18. Onsite sales consultants can become important members of your long-term team
  19. 19. New homes are the easiest sale in real estate
  20. 20. New homes inventory is easy to find


Want to learn more? Visit newhomecobroker.com.

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David Fletcher, NHCB

New Home Co-Broker Academy LLC offers affordable online new homes sales training and strategies based on the 20 year experience of its founder and CEO, David Fletcher. More than 5,000 Realtors earned their New Home Co-Broker (NHCB) certification over the past six years by successfully completing the 3-hour online course and passing an exam. 

Fletcher spend his 30-year career representing condominium builders/developers/ developers/single family builders and lenders He recruited, trained, and supervised an onsite sales team that sold more than $3 billion in more than 70 communities. 

His experience in working with both onsite agents and Realtors is unmatched in the industry.

To learn more about the course

 Broker/Owners - Due to the dynamics of the market, many of you will be approached with a request for new homes training beyond what you now offer. Some of you will be approached by agents who want to form new home teams, or you may rethinking about establishing a new home division. If so, as a professional courtesy, David, invites you to contact him for  a free consultation at davidf@newhomcobroker.com. No obligation. This offer may be withdrawn without notice.


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