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Zonda recently acquired Builders Digital Experience (BDX), which includes NewHomeSource.com, the largest new construction home listings platform in the U.S., and Envision, a leading new home design platform.

This acquisition is a significant step in Zonda’s mission to streamline the new home shopping journey for consumers and home builders. By integrating its data and tech platform with NewHomeSource.com, Zonda aims to simplify the home shopping experience for buyers.

Benefits for Builders, per Co-Pilot AI.

Builders will gain more exposure for their listings and access new data about consumer buying habits and trends. This information can help them grow their sales and marketing funnel and engage with buyers throughout the entire home shopping lifecycle.

Benefits for New Home Shoppers

End-to-end Digital Home Shopping:

New Home Shoppers, according to AI, will benefit from an end-to-end digital home shopping experience. They can shop for specific home sites within a new home community, schedule self-guided tours, and customize their future home using Envision, a fully immersive online design platform.

Home builders should see their percentage of co-broker sales reduce slightly, but this will depend more on the increased number of sales made without the broker by the on-site sales consultants.

For example, recently, an on-site agent shared that ninety percent of their sales were sold through Realtors. Is that a reflection of an aggressive Realtor market, or is it due to a lack of sales skills by the on-site sales consultant?

Hopefully, builders will see more independent sales. What they are more likely to see, especially at first, is an overwhelming number of new home shoppers who are neither financially qualified or are still renting or have a house to sell, or builders will start getting leads that are not actually ready, willing, and ready buyers.

In the meantime, if the builder can sell 80% with a broker and 20% without one, this would, on the surface, look good. The 80% could represent the same number of sales made by brokers, so the Realtors would still be making a strong contribution to the absorption rate, which is key.

Benefits for Realtors, per Co-Pilot AI

1.      Increased Inventory and Options:

        Realtors will have access to a broader inventory of new construction homes listed on NewHomeSource.com, which is now part of the Zonda portfolio.

        This means more options for their clients, allowing realtors to match buyers with homes that meet their specific preferences and needs.

2.      Streamlined Information:

        With Zonda’s integration of data and technology, realtors can access comprehensive information about new home communities, floor plans, features, and pricing.

        This streamlines the research process, enabling realtors to provide accurate and up-to-date details to potential buyers.

3.      Enhanced Marketing Tools:

        Zonda’s platform offers marketing tools and insights that realtors can leverage to promote new homes effectively.

        Realtors can use these tools to create compelling listings, showcase virtual tours, and highlight the unique features of each property.

4.      Understanding Buyer Trends:

        Zonda’s data analytics can help realtors understand buyer trends and preferences.

        Realtors can tailor their services based on insights into what features and amenities are most sought after by homebuyers.

5.      Collaboration with Builders:

        Realtors can collaborate more closely with builders who list their properties on NewHomeSource.com.

        This partnership can lead to better communication, faster transactions, and smoother negotiations.

6.      Educational Resources:

 Zonda provides educational resources for real estate professionals, including webinars, market reports, and industry insights.

         Realtors can stay informed about market trends and best practices through these resources.

Historical Context: The demand for new construction homes has increased, especially following the Covid-19 pandemic. Nearly one in three homes on the market in the U.S. last year were new homes, a significant shift from historical inventory levels.

Zonda’s acquisition of BDX positions it as North America’s largest provider of new construction home listings, benefiting consumers, Realtors, and builders alike. If you’re interested in exploring new homes, NewHomeSource.com is a great resource to start your search.” Co-Pilot AI reported.

On a personal note, yours truly partnered with BDX and New Home Source Professional for several years and highly recommends that Realtors lean into what Zonda is doing with technology.

Remember: The heart never changes. Home shoppers don’t want to make a mistake by buying the wrong home or paying too much. There is no cure for these fears and other concerns that technology cannot resolve. That’s where trusted advisors and realtors have a great opportunity to make sales with less stress.

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