Cold Calling Still Works In Real Estate

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With the rise of the internet and social media marketing, more and more Real estate agents are thinking about moving away from the traditional cold call. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have become the “norm” for business networking and communication. It has become much easier to type in what and who you are looking for, rather than picking up the phone and navigating uncomfortable situations.  Realtors don’t have to face rejection the same way. They simply type up their message to a potential prospect or post what they’re looking for on multiple platforms, and what sticks, sticks.

Different methods of prospecting absolutely work, but nothing beats picking up the phone for a personal touch. The internet has made it very easy for people to avoid unpleasant communication. Here are some tips for real estate agents to remember:

  1. Cold calls still work:

Next to word of mouth, cold calling is the oldest, most traditional form of marketing. It is more than a numbers game. It is the first step in the sales process. Knowing how many calls it takes to secure a first meeting with the right person(s) is information that determines if a business owner is heading in the right direction. For example, if it takes 10 Nos to get to 1 Yes, then this is telling information. The next step is to determine how many meetings lead to a single sale. Knowing these numbers is a guide for realtors, entrepreneurs and anyone looking for new business!

  1. Cold calls generate meetings:

The purpose of a cold call is to set a meeting. It is not to build rapport. It is not to speak about how great you or your business offerings are. It is simply to develop enough interest in the real estate market and schedule a first appointment. Remember that telemarketing is used to sell on the spot. Cold calling is used to schedule a first meeting. Do not confuse the two! Stay focused on what you want. And that is a first meeting. At that point, you can dazzle prospects with details, once you’ve learned more about them and their requirements. The idea is to ask for a meeting during a first conversation, over voice-mail, or via email, as a last resort.

  1. Cold calls turn warm:

Because of the initial resistance that cold calling entails, many realtors refrain from doing it altogether. Making cold dials is not supposed to be painful forever. Once the initial uneasiness is dealt with, conversations become warmer and warmer. And when this happens, deals start to get done. This is the very reason why cold calling is so effective. Don’t lose sight of why you are pounding the bricks initially. It pays off. 10 or 20 Nos can lead to that first yes. Take note of how many Nos it takes to get an appointment, and then simply stick to those numbers.

Final words

But what if they “never call me back?” you might be thinking. Expect to follow up with prospects a few times or more. Also, expect that certain people to never call you back. The good news is that most do, eventually, even to say, “No.” And a “No” response is information. Learn from it. Why are they saying No. What do they want instead? Apply what you learn on future calls to other prospects. People warm up after time. They will share their good and not-so-good experiences. Take special note of things you

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Nicole Attias

Nicole Attias is the owner of Prospect2Win. Prospect2Win is a sales-based company in Canada that is dedicated to helping businesses get in the door through cold calling and presentation training. Nicole facilitates workshops and webinars for real estate agents and various real estate boards. Contact – [email protected]

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