Saturday, 23 February 2019
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NAR Boston 2018

NAR Boston 2018 - John Reilly and Saul Klein walk the floor.

Cloud CMA - Realty Times at the 2018 REALTORS® Conference & Expo

Cloud CMA - Realty Times at the 2018 REALTORS® Conference & Expo

Casey McDonald of Box Brownie

Realty Times Interviews Casey McDonald of Box Brownie at the 2018 REALTORS® Conference & Expo.

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The U.S. Department of Justice, for reasons of its own, has initiated a website to educate



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An intangible, salable asset arising from the reputation of a business; the expectation of continued public patronage; including other intangible assets like trade name and going-concern value. When a business is sold, the sales price often reflects its goodwill value. Goodwill is not a depreciable asset, although it is a capital asset. Thus, a seller prefers to place a high value on the


“It is exhilarating to feel in control while operating at the higher limits of your potential. Preparation and reinforcement day by day will be your internal pilot light to keep the spark ignited.”

-  Denis


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