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January 8th, 2021 - Volume X

Click below to watch a welcome video from Women in Business Senior Editor,Terri Murphy.

Hello there Smart Women! Welcome to Summer! It is hard to believe that we are emerging into the summer after such a challenging 2020 and winter! That said, it’s time to CONNECT and we have a fantastic line up for you in JUNE!

Here’s what’s coming up: Ever hesitant as a woman to buy a car? I sure have, but not after connecting with the dynamic Cathy Droz! She is the author of “A Woman’s Guide to Buying a Car with Confidence and Street Smarts – Don’t Let These High Heels Fool You.”…and by the way she wears smokin’ hot RED stilettos, her trademark! She is the founder of H.E.R Certified, the automotive industry’s first comprehensive certified dealer program aimed to help dealerships better serve female car buyer and she is so fun! Can’t wait for you to meet her in June.

And another fabulous woman from TEXAS! Miz Betsy Cameron – is the VP of Marketing for Ebby Halliday. She’s a Leader, Trainer, Coach, and Mom of two boys. She shares what it takes to focus on the NEW consumer demands and how that profoundly changes our marketing messages focusing strongly on the relationship factor. How’s your EI? Emotional Intelligence that is! I had the good fortune to be in a 3-day training session with Dr. Relly Nadler and Dr. Cathy Greenberg on Emotional Intelligence.

Relly is an expert on Emotional Intelligence and the and the author of “Leading with Emotional Brilliance.” He also co-authored “Emotional Brilliance” with Dr. Cathy Greenberg. You may want to tune in to hear them address how we can use emotional intelligence to create better relationships with less stress and a “fear-less” life! Remember when you were a kid in school? Did you have a class on financial literacy that taught us how to build happy, healthy, and wealthy lives and how to develop positive ways of thinking? You didn’t? Me either!

If you have kids or grandkids, wouldn’t you love to have them get a jump on being financially savvy? Then you need to grab a copy of this new book for kids! Jac Arbour, author and financial investment expert, shares his newest book, “This Little Piggy: The Tale of an Extraordinary Piggy Bank” as a first step to help kids know the many ways are there in which a person can be wealthy.

It is a financial literacy book written for children and families. In the story, he takes us on an adventure with “Philip Anthropist” who learns life lessons about what it truly means to be wealthy, the ways in which one can build true wealth, and the power of happiness and positive thinking. Your kids will love it!

Finally! We’re profiling dynamic duo’s , our newest addition to Women’s Wisdom Network is “POWER COUPLES” and wait til you meet our power couple for June!

I am so looking forward to sharing two of my very favorite people who rock the real estate industry in Hilton Head, South Carolina. You’ll meet Julie Timms and her husband, Bernie. They share how they keep it simple, keep it profitable and have a best life in the process of the managing the unpredictable world of real estate. You will love the contrast of Bernie’s British accent and Julie’s southern drawl – truly a fun and inspiring interview!

And it’s time to enjoy a little summer reading with super author Jennifer Youngblood. She is the author of over 60 books as a Christian Romance Writer. Her books are sweet and a great way to de-stress as we find some quiet spot for a little summer reading!

Rick DeLuca, EXIT owner and legendary CRS instructor teamed up with PPP expert, Todd Lindsey of A10 Capitol to shed light on what we need to do next to get the next round of stimulus money in the hands of the small business world, especially real estate agents! All we need to do is to “click” and post a note to connect with our congressman or representative. It only takes a bunch of us to support the message and help out our communities. Click here: https://bit.ly/34L2CJZ

And we close on a bittersweet note…

If you checked out our MAY update, I spoke joyfully about our upcoming interview with Mark Eaton, former Utah Jazz NBA superstar. He had just released his new book, “The Four Commitments of a Winning Team” and I was so excited to share him with our Women’s Wisdom Network on Realty Times. In our interview he shared openly how the book helps everyone in leadership with four basic principles. Gracious with his time and talent, we were blessed to feature him in our “In the Men’s Room” segment. Click here for Mark’s Interview: https://bit.ly/3uU5fDH

Sadly, Mark was fatally injured in a bicycle accident this past week. We all feel the loss of this gentle and humble man and our hearts go out to his wife and family. But what we learned from his interview was so deep! He shares how his extraordinary height (7’4”) was clearly something to deal with, but with the right coaching and support he went from an auto mechanic to an NBA superstar by focusing on the one thing he did best; guard the net….that’s it – Stand right there and guard the net, which went on to make him legendary to this day.

In his book he shares some timeless insights. I encourage you to watch his interview to help you and those you lead to learn how to use their unique and special gifts to be their best selves.

We close with big hugs to each of you and yours. Let’s begin right how to joyfully LIVE each day to the fullest striving to be our best-est self ever!

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To your Success, Terri

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