Make Your Prospecting Activities Work for You!

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We’re heading into the third quarter of the year, and it’s time to ramp up your activities so you can finish the year with a bang! Take a look at the number of pending transactions and listings in your pipeline today; are you disappointed in those numbers? If so, you better look at your prospecting habits.

So many agents get caught in the cycle of working with buyers, closing, and then have to start that process over again. That approach creates a lot of peaks and valleys in the sales cycle… and a lot of dry spells. The secret to a full pipeline is prospecting every single day.

Top producers understand the power of blocking time every day for prospecting activities. Just like you get up and take a shower every day, when you schedule your prospecting activities, it becomes a “success habit” and part of your daily routine. If you’re thinking right now that you’re “too busy” to prospect every day, stick with me for my top three prospecting tips that will make your prospecting easy, fun and guaranteed to deliver results.

  1. 1.Think DAILY: Top producing agents make a disciplined prospecting approach part of their daily routine. Plan for a productive week by blocking out on your calendar the actual dates and times you will prospect. Pro tip! If you don’t schedule it you won’t do it! If you have a closing, or other face-to-face appointment, you can adjust your prospecting schedule around that – but make sure you do it every day without fail!
  2. 2. TARGET your prospecting to specific groups on specific dates. By organizing your schedule this way, you will be more efficient, and able to stay consistent. For example, contact your “B” leads (those who are 30-90 days from buying/selling) and set aside a specific day on the first and third week of every month to call them. Schedule your “C” leads (those who are over 120+ days from buying/selling) for the second week of every month. Schedule your Top 50 Referral Elite Network* contacts for a once a month touch and make sure you immediately set up the next month’s touch in your CRM. Having a monthly touch with this group will make sure you don’t slip up and miss a critical connection that can lead to a referral.
  3. 3.PLAN your events in advance for the year: Schedule the dates for each of your quarterly customer appreciation events right now! When you block the dates well in advance, you are then able to plan “backwards” all the activities leading up to the event for a stress-free outcome. Events to consider are a Thanksgiving Pie promotion give away, summer client appreciation parties, Wine and Cheese party, or a family movie night. These client appreciation events will keep you top of mind all year long.

Prospecting is so much more than cold calling, emailing or automated messaging. Set yourself up to prospect for real profits with a schedule that works for you.

* For a complimentary copy of “86-50-1: The Ultimate Marketing Handbook for Real Estate Agents”, please go to:

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