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7 Steps to Make Sales with Social Media

Written by Posted On Monday, 01 July 2019 05:25

You spend hours on social media each week – but do you know your ROI (return on investment)? Or are you wasting time by looking at cute kitten memes and not focusing on making sales? We all know that social media is a great way to prospect, but most agents don’t know how to measure their effectiveness online. Top performing agents know what to do, how to do it, and as a result, have seen their sales increase…and their bottom line.

Successful online marketers tell us that your goal is to contribute and publish content that is relevant, timely and specific to the followers in your communities. You want to connect with purpose, not just have “followers”. Social media gives you the chance to become the “celebrity authority” in your marketplace. Here are my top tips to get you started:

1. Start a conversation!

Social media engagement is just like a real conversation, which requires participation. By being conversational, you will invite the viewer to want more information about an area or lifestyle where a property is located. If the information is irrelevant to their needs, they will move on but those that have interest will be engaged. Think “How can I add value with this posting of information for a prospect?” and then be willing to share your content, tips, and resources freely to help your community.

2. Be real!

Authenticity is the foundation of social networking, and is more successful when you include some personal insights. Post photos of you and other people at local charity or community events you’re participating in, vacation photos, along with informative posts about special properties or interesting people in your community. People want to know who you are, so be real, be open, be honest and most importantly, be you!

3. Spend time where your target market hangs out!

Instead of attempting to maintain an active presence on every social network available, focus on being active on the ones where your customers are! Monitor where your engagement is showing highest visibility and response, then work that priority channel well.

4. Don’t abandon traditional marketing.

Think of social media as another way to build your brand and to market your message, but don’t throw out other forms of marketing! For maximum effectiveness, you need to integrate your messaging through multiple mediums like direct mail, email communication, and be sure to include your social media links in your traditional marketing initiatives to promote interaction. This gives your prospect options to respond to you using whatever methods they prefer to connect with you.

5. Social Media is a Mindset, not Just a Toolset!

Social media is simply another tool to encourage connections that engage us with people to create relationships. The ultimate goal in your marketing is to develop differentiation as you brand and position yourself to your specific market. Social media is the vehicle we can use to start conversations and position ourselves to be a resource in our marketplace.

6. Be Consistent!

In order to create an online community and engage followers, you must follow an editorial calendar that serves as your blueprint for the delivery of consistent, relevant and local messaging. Block dates on your calendar for different actions blending both the marketing of events and informational postings.

7. Monitor, Listen & Respond!

Be smart and monitor what is going on daily in the communities where you are participating and return the response. Respond to comments with a thank you for the endorsement, or reply to questions that may be asked. Remember, the goal is to have a conversation, so acknowledgement is the start to building real online engagement that will grow your community and build a strong online presence.
Social media is here to stay, so follow these tips to help you maximize the power of engagement!

Source: The Real Estate Zebra Blog

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