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Apologies Make for Profitable Re-Connections

Written by Posted On Sunday, 27 October 2019 05:25

Every sales person wants to be on top of their service and sales, but what happens when those inevitable unplanned catastrophes throw you off your normal routine, or worse, when periodic swings in business wipe out even a well-planned schedule? If you’re like most people, the first thing that suffers are your follow-up activities that you had scheduled to remain connected with your past clients, SOI, and prospects.

This high priority block of time is also critical to stay in touch with leads that have reached out for help and still haven’t heard from you. If you’re telling yourself that you’ve been so “busy” you need to read on for strategies to help you re-connect.

Your internal conversation will start to make excuses to not follow-up. You may try to convince yourself that too much time has passed, and the prospect has moved on, doesn’t need you anymore, doesn’t want to hear from you, or they are certain you are a loser for not contacting them in a timely manner. Of course, it’s possible that those leads have indeed moved on to another resource, but you’ll never know if you don’t pick up the phone to call. And whether it is true or not, you are potentially leaving massive amounts of income and integrity on the table.

What about those leads you’ve contacted through multiple communication channels: You’ve called, sent text messages, emailed and maybe even sent snail mail…and well…nothing but the sound of crickets is all you get. So now what?

To connect with even the most non-communicative prospects, and to get back in the good graces of your SOI, here are a few strategies to help you re-connect.

Bridge the Gap with VIDEO

We just can’t help it! Video is a magical platform that creates an experience that even the most creative letters and emails just can’t produce. Consider uploading a short video sent through email or a social media platform to connect with even the most reticent prospects. It is a time saver, and a guarantee that you are a REAL PERSON, and are even better live than in writing! Using video provides a huge impact as if you were there in person when you can’t be. Choose to make a memorable impression in less than a minute using video.

Just say you are sorry…

When said in the right context, the words, “I’m sorry” can be an effective way to reconnect with a lead or referral when a time lapse has occurred. An apology script* is an authentic and helpful way to bridge the gap to a lead that had reached out to you and received no response. “I’m sorry, but I may have dropped the ball” can acknowledge your lack of communication and open the door to advance the relationship.

Stay Connected with Past Clients

There is power in simple consistency, if only you could just stick to that schedule! When you write a plan and schedule the day and time every day or week, staying in touch with this powerful group of influencers can produce additional income without having to make even one cold call through warm referrals. Boost the relationship connection by planning a monthly or quarterly informal gathering to be face-to-face. Set up a wine and cheese reception at your favorite restaurant for 10-15 people monthly or quarterly to help you rotate through this vastly rich potential of referrals. Consider planning a movie night, an ice cream social, or inviting a group to a music or sports event to keep you connected with this resource.

Use creativity and persistence to connect and convert more prospects to profits!

For a copy of an effective APOLOGY SCRIPT go to:

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