End the Year With a Bang!

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Well, this is it--the inevitable countdown to the end of the business year. You know what I’m talking about: It’s when we take a hard look at our sales numbers to see if we are going to hit our financial goals for the year. This is when you must take an honest inventory of your intended goals and your actual productivity--and review your excuses for failure if you didn’t meet your goals.

What are you going to decide?  Are you going to meet or exceed your goals, or have another year go by lamenting that the market is too competitive, there’s not enough inventory, and that’s why you didn’t hit your numbers…again.  

If you’re ready to take charge of your life, here are three success tips to put you back into   competitive mode, while other agents are slowing down and taking it easy for the holidays. 

1. Revert back to your “WHY”. Ask yourself, “why do I want what more sales will bring?” When you set your sales goal for the year, I bet it wasn’t just for the sake of earning more money. There is an underlying “why” to that number. Think about it: What will that income do for you? Are you a single mom, and that income will allow you to hire a housecleaner so you can spend more time participating in your children’s activities, instead of keeping the house tidy?  Will that sales figure allow you to get out of debt? Will you be able to better care for your elderly parents? Your “why” is what drives you to perform the mundane activities that produce the magical results you are seeking. When your “why” is strong enough, you will endure the endless challenges and hassles that derail your goals.

2. Are you doing “fake work”? You know, all of that “busy” work that is non-dollar producing activities? Or running from fire to fire, dealing with the inevitable challenges in real estate?  You can bet that every day will produce obstacles, but your job is to power through those challenges, and doing so creates more profitability. You can’t control what happens, but there is definitely a way to control YOU.  Use a system for tracking your activities to see where you are wasting time. Those time stealers, like mindlessly checking your Twitter feed, or dealing with paperwork, impact your time and energy and make you less productive.  You can use the Daily Success Habits Tracker to harness the habits that convert more time to income. The goal is to block out your income producing activities, like regular prospecting time, every day to advance your bottom line. If you see you’re spending lots of time doing $15/hour administrative tasks, it’s time to get an assistant and delegate those tasks to free up your schedule. When your daily focus is on the income producing work of prospecting, negotiating contracts, and closing transactions, the habit of productivity keeps your pipeline full.   

3. SEE the People! How many times have you heard that people like to do business with those they “know, like and trust”?  If you don’t believe this, ask yourself how often you have changed your hairstylist—you know, the one you’ve used for ten years and who always makes you feel like a million bucks? I bet you’re cringing at the thought! With that in mind, does it make any sense that you would abandon your clients after the transaction is closed? They had a great experience with you, they raved about your services…and then they never hear from you again. Research from NAR consistently points out that most people would use the same agent again, but they generally select the agent they’ve most recently been in contact with! To stay front-of-mind, you MUST have a consistent touch process to “see” your past clients, referral resources, and sphere of influence on a regular basis.  Year-end is a great time to schedule your annual client appreciation events. Host a community donation drive for more impact. Invite everyone to a fun, non-salesy event. Even if they can’t make the date, you will have “touched” them in a meaningful way to keep you top of mind. 

Use these tips to keep your pipeline full, and watch your bank account grow! It’s time to finish your year with a bang!

For a free copy of the Daily Success Habits tracking form and other productivity tools, please go to http://bit.ly/2zSyD4k

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Terri Murphy

Terri Murphy, Communication engagement specialist, author, speaker, consultant, and Master Coach with Workman Success.  She is the author of 5 books, TedTalk speaker and co-radio host on KWAMtheVoice.com. Contact: TerriMurphy.com or Email: Terri@TerriMurphy.com


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