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If you’re in sales, then you know you have to keep your pipeline full of leads if you want to have a steady income.  Does making cold calls, door knocking, and getting rejected over and over just leave you cold? If you’re nodding your head and wishing there was a way to keep that pipeline full without all the hard work of prospecting, then keep reading, because there is!

Have you read Bob Burg’s book, Endless Referrals or his book The Go-Giver? If you haven’t, you’re missing out on some vital information that will transform your business—order those books right away and read them from cover-to-cover. One aspect of his books that really resonated with me was the idea of being the “connector”.

The idea here is that the best way to get more business—and more referrals—is to GIVE more business and referrals. As a real estate agent, you are working with professionals and service providers of all types—from school teachers, plumbers, lawyers, hair stylists, doctors, nurses, coaches—and your job as you work with your clients (besides helping them with their home buying/selling needs) is to listen for what services or products they provide, and what services, products, or assistance do they need. 

For example, Client A is a busy professional who wants to spend his free time playing tennis, not mowing the lawn, every Saturday. Client B has a teen-age son who is hard-working and saving money for college by providing yard services. When you can make an introduction that benefits both parties, you have provided exceptional value to your clients.  Client A is going to appreciate the fact that you gave him a tip on someone affordable and reliable for his yard care. Client B is going to be pleased that you remembered his son and sent some business his way. And both clients will now be more inclined to send business to YOU because you showed a genuine interest in their life—not just in the current real estate transaction you’re helping them with.

As you work with your clients, you discover that you have what Burg refers to as an “eco-system of mutually beneficial business relationships between those within your sphere of influence.”  Tap into the power of this “eco-system” and look for opportunities to refer business to your clients—make a point of giving at least three to five referrals each week. When you’re meeting with your clients, ask questions about their family, their skills or talents that may not be obvious, and keep your ears open for opportunities to connect people in your database.  When you hear a client say something like, “my six-year old really wants to learn to play the piano,” you can respond by saying, “one of my client’s sister is a piano teacher, would you like me to get her contact information for you?

Acting as the connector within your sphere of influence and giving referrals to others is a gracious way to show your clients you care. People like to do business with people that they know and trust—and this is a sure-fire way to build trust. Start giving out referrals and watch your business grow!

To hear more of Bob’s tips for success, check out his blog:

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