Got Bad Day Blues? Tips To Getting Past The Roadblocks

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 17 June 2020 05:00

Ever have one of those days that did not go perfectly, making you want to crawl into a big deep rabbit hole with an extra big glass of wine? When that happens, we just want to hide, be alone, have our own pity party and relentlessly review our perceived limitations for why something didn't work out, feels unfair, hurts our heart…on and on….

And too often, we continue to beat ourselves up with ruthless self-talk that spans from not being good enough to accusations of being an "impostor". We’re supposed to appear confident, positive, cheerful, perky and a bunch of other crap all the time, hiding those less than perfect parts of ourselves to the rest of the perfect world.

We’re really good at pointing out piles of supporting data to fuel the focus on our deficiencies. We compare ourselves to the impossibly high standards we observe from photo shopped fashion models, and celebrities who have a staff of people to make them look really fabulous all the time.  Newsflash: No one is immune to a bad day, no one has a “perfect life”, and no BODY is perfect. 

As my friend, and author of “Unstoppable Influence” Natasha Nassar Hazlett says, “We are all perfectly imperfect”. If you are lucky, you reach out to a good friend knowing you are safe to share the miserable details of your situation, with no fear of judgement, criticism, or shaming to help you navigate through the tough times.

Author Neale Donald Walsch said, “If only you knew all the gifts that you bring to others, you would never feel sad again.”

Here’s a few tips to get you out of the rabbit hole and rocking it around that roadblock:

1. Be grateful:  Revel and focus on the many blessings you have, from being able to see, walk, smell, touch, and taste, to living in a free country, with food and resources available.  Marvel at how decadent it truly is to have a hot shower every day with clean running water.  When you are grateful for the ordinary, the extraordinary appears.
2. Be curious:  What if this apparent “roadblock” directed you to a new path where you uncovered amazing new discoveries? Maybe because of the detour you were positioned to meet new people, find new treasures, or were enjoying new experiences?  There is always a gift if you look for it, which totally depends on your ability to go with the flow, or making the choice to complain about the inconvenience it has caused.
3. Play offense!  Bestselling author and thought leader, Scott McKain shares that there were more super bowls won by OFFENSIVE teams than DEFENSIVE teams.  He says when the roadblock goes up, play offense and take advantage of the new “next”. Business will not resume as it was, and being obsessed with new ways to innovate and create distinction in your services and communication will set you up for post pandemic success! 

There are many people who are looking for a leader, especially during turbulent times. We are drawn to those individuals with high character, creative solutions, warm and open reception to new ideas, and inclusiveness for those who need to feel a little safer…Would that be you?

Let’s get out of that rabbit hole and take this challenge on…Come on…show us what you’ve got!

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