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Get Ready for Summer Reading With Jennifer Youngblood

Written by Jennifer Youngblood Posted On Wednesday, 24 March 2021 21:18
Do you believe that in romance there is a “happily ever after?” Meet Jennifer Youngblood, a highly successful “clean romance” author of over 60 books who has enjoyed outstanding success while raising 2 boys and enjoying an active life!  Hear her now and get a FREE eBook as her gift to WWN! 

 A bit about Jennifer: 

JenniferYoungbloodJennifer loves reading and writing clean romance. She believes that happily ever after is not just for stories. Jennifer enjoys interior design, rollerblading, clogging, jogging, and chocolate. In Jennifer’s opinion there are few ills that can’t be solved with a warm brownie and scoop of vanilla-bean ice cream. 

Jennifer grew up in rural Alabama and loved living in a town where “everybody knows everybody.”  Her love for writing began as a young teenager when she wrote stories for her high school English teacher to critique.

Jennifer has BA in English and Social Sciences from Brigham Young University where she served as Miss BYU Hawaii. Before becoming an author, she worked as the owner and editor of a monthly newspaper named The Senior Times

She now lives in the Rocky Mountains with her family and spends her time writing and doing all of the wonderful things that make up the life of a busy wife and mother.

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