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Are You Ready To Get Back Exactly What You Give Out Today?

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 05 August 2020 21:03

Imagine that today you wake up kinda cranky. That cup of coffee should help but doesn’t seem to do the job.

You aren’t sure why and for no specific reason, you note that you are clearly in a foul mood. This negative disposition washes over every element of your experience as you go about your day.  The screen of your vision is confirmed by endless validation that all is a mess in the world and your attitude is firmly in the dumpster.   Supporting this mindset is the chant of relentless media channels spotlighting and exploiting in real time the reality of the tension, chaos, hatred, duplicity;  yes, overwhelmingly it’s all bad stuff. It doesn’t end there either. Your next victim is you and your perceived shortcomings,  right down to your own personal battles; I’m too tired, so far behind, can’t lose these last few pounds, etc. 

Now let’s reverse the day….

You wake up delighted to take on another day, jubilant in the anticipation of something incredibly wonderful about to happen. Coffee is delicious, your shower refreshing, and you note you are awash in gratitude for fresh air, freedom, clean clothes, food in the fridge, a car in the garage, and flowers in your garden.

So…here’s the kicker...

What if the energies you give out today immediately headed right back to you as you experienced them?  What if every single person held a thought that all was well instead of focusing on the not so well? Which scenario would you choose?  Would you not fully switch from “stinkin thinkin” and embrace the happy?

What if the whole world had a day of positive creation instead of seeking out all that is wrong…how would that profoundly change the energy in “our” world and “the” world?

The truth is, we ARE our experiences that we create every day. At the risk of sounding unrealistically optimistic, we are the only interpreters of our own experience.  The very same experience by two different people can be interpreted in wildly contrasting ways.   Think of a time in your life where some challenge impacted the “norm” and how differently the result was for different people. Responses like, “Wow! This is awful, but at least no one was hurt” versus “OMG the sky is falling, we are doomed, and it is clearly the end of the world as we know it” from our fav, Negative Nellie.

Think of a time where your plans were hijacked by something out of your control, like the internet went down, or your electricity was cut off due to a storm.  Look at it from every perspective. Because of that incident, what happened that could have been a life saver, or you discovered a new way to connect?  

As we look at our present moment, we can see the light or the darkness, but in either case, there is a choice. There is no doubt that we ARE our experience and coping with those less than perfect moments, and sometimes downright tragedies, are certain, but how we exercise acknowledging and then resilience is the key to living our lives in joy… or fear and disappointment. As humans, we can only look out of our own eyes that reflect our experiences, judgments, and biases, which are limited to say the least. If you have ever had a disagreement with another, you know that after some discussion there was a moment of revelation, where clarity and perspective made the disagreement disappear.  

Think of how differently the evening news could be sharing stories emotionally charged with love, empathy, empowerment, success, and joy. Totally unrealistic? How would we know unless we tried?  One thing for sure, your world will always be the sum total of your thoughts, so if we all took a moment to focus on the love, how profoundly in that one moment, would “the/our” world be?

So here is our homework:  If you want to change “the” world and most importantly ”your world” --monitor your focus.  The “little train that could” is a classic example of how thought influences our outcomes.  If you want to be irresistibly attractive, go for seeing the glass half full.  It’s a challenge and sometimes you may not be physically up to the challenge, but in every case, you are the keeper of the lens.

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Terri Murphy

Terri Murphy, Communication engagement specialist, author, speaker, consultant, and Master Coach with Workman Success. She is the author of 5 books, TedTalk speaker and co-radio host on KWAMtheVoice.com. Contact: TerriMurphy.com or Email: [email protected]


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