Are You Protected At Home For Cyber Attacks? Get The Latest From The Greatest Cyber Expert, Dovell Bonnett, On How To Stay Safe Online At Home! [VIDEO]

Written by Dovell Bonnett Posted On Thursday, 23 September 2021 00:00

 DovellBonnettHeadshotDovell Bonnett has been creating computer security solutions for over 23 years. His passionate belief that technology should work for humans, and not the other way around, has lead him to create innovative solutions that protect businesses from cyber-attacks, free individual computer users from cumbersome security policies, and put IT administrators back in control of their networks. He has spent most of his career solving business security needs, incorporating multiple applications onto single credentials using both contact and contactless smartcards. The most famous example of his work is the ID badge currently carried by all Microsoft employees.

In 2005, he founded Access Smart LLC to provide logical access control solutions to businesses. His premiere product, Power LogOn, is an Identity Management solution that combines Multi-Factor Authentication and enterprise password management. Power LogOn is used by corporations, hospitals, educational institutions, police departments, government agencies, and more around the world. Dovell is a frequent speaker and sought-after consultant on the topic of passwords, cybersecurity, and building secure, affordable and appropriate computer authentication infrastructures. His recent book is Making Passwords Secure: How to Fix the Weakest Link in Cybersecurity and his new social media column is the Guardians of the Gateway.

He can be contacted at:

Dovell Bonnett
Founder and CEO, Access Smart LLC
(949) 218-8754
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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