Meet Jo Garner Who Shares Her Story Of How She Created One Of Her First Entrepreneurial Companies And How That Prepared Her For Future Success  “Whatever YOUR personal priorities are, my job is to help you get the mortgage terms that will give you bragging rights when you talk about it and help you score on hitting your goals.” As a mortgage loan officer, my job is to help you get to the benefits you want from your financing terms. What is most important to you? I can help you find the financing terms that will help you get to what you want.  What is your comfort level on a house payment? How much are you comfortable paying down,? What type of financing do you need to get the house you want to buy or refinance? Different clients have different priorities in life—some are buying their first home with very…
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Walking into the gym every morning I get to play a game called: Which Machines Are Open Today? Seriously, the earlier I get there, the crazier it is.  I have arrived at 4:55 AM only to see the same 30 people stretching in the parking lot every morning waiting for the doors to open.  These are legit psychos, and I admire all of them, but perhaps not as much as they admire themselves in the mirrors under the gym’s perfect lighting.
Most days I resort to working out on any machine that is available and camping there as long as possible, waiting for the other ones to open.  It’s a weird experience, but I actually like it, since it keeps my body guessing almost as much as my muscles. Today I got to the gym and the benches were open!  Bars and plates, weights and machines, a free for all! …
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Decisiveness is hard to come by in today’s world. It seems to be a new trend that businesspeople, executives, and other types of team leaders stew on what the right decision in a specific circumstance is, or go back on what they have said merely weeks prior to completely change gears, much to the dismay of their employees or equals waiting for resolution. There is an interesting phenomenon occurring that points to precisely why this trend of hitting “undo” on a supposedly final decision is taking place, and it is rather simple to figure out. When facing a crucial junction in a project, new product, or industry-altering change, executives and leaders alike simply don’t want to make a decision between two perfectly good options.
Yes, what I just wrote is true — renowned business experts and those in leadership roles actually don’t want to decide. Reading that, you may suddenly have a…
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Are they facts, or are they excuses? Are the reasons people are not getting what they want, or even afraid to TRY and get what they want, based on the facts, or are they fiction?
I just wanted to pose three questions today and have you just think about them and maybe do a little of your own investigation and start asking some questions. 1. The reason we aren’t selling more houses is due to the lack of inventory! If that were true, why did we have more than six million home sales last year, highest total since 2006? 2. Higher interest rates are killing the market. If that were true, we wouldn’t be on track to sell more than 5.7 million homes this year, which would be the second-best total since 2006. 3. They are losing business to all cash buyers. Yes, all cash buyers are higher…
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Keira Ingram is the Real Estate Queenpin, she "Makes Real Estate Bosses". Her personal and business mission is to increase real estate education and ownership in black, brown, and underserved communities. With this mission she has been able to help many people build generational wealth and break generational curses using the power of real estate. Keira is a Multi-state Real Estate Broker, coach, and author. She is the owner of KI & Associates Inc real estate brokerage where she and her team provide real estate services and support to real estate agents, sellers, buyers, and investors in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Maryland, and Delaware. Keira is also the founder and owner of (ABA) Advantage Business Academy, where she and her instructors provide state approved pre-licensure classes, continuing education, professional development, and coaching services. Keira has over sixteen years of experience as a real estate professional assisting investors and clients in buying and…
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Don Shula was arguably the greatest head coach in NFL history. He was also one of my very closest friends for many decades.   Recently I was reminded of a conversation that took place between former Dolphins quarterback Bob Griese during one of their monthly lunches where they would get together, eat, tell bad jokes, reminisce, and watch the horses at Gulfstream Park.
During this lunch, they started talking about a play in their first Super Bowl together, a loss against Dallas, where Griese was under such defensive pressure he ran backward to elude it. And backward. Something Coach Shula was wont to refer to as ‘minus-29 yards. And this is where I come into the conversation. As it was recounted to me, Griese pulled out a letter from me dated August 17, 2004. I officiated that game and also did the coin toss. I confirmed that Griese…
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Glancing social media we will notice quickly our mediocrity in the face of everyone’s great accomplishments. The importance of mediocrity is realizing and embracing the fact that you have talents I don’t have, and I have talents you don’t want!  I spent 3 days recently trying to fix an issue in our bathroom as the basement flooded from our tub.
After losing 3 days and not succeeding, I called my friend who is a fix anything kind of guy.  The job was done in less than 3 hours.  I sat in stunned silence as I kicked myself for not having reached out to him sooner. I know what I should do, but don’t always do it.  Often that means not doing a lot of things for which I’m mediocre. Acknowledging our mediocrity isn’t an excuse to never improve, rather it’s a license to freedom as we reach across the…
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Miriam Valere never expected to fulfill a life-long dream of writing a book when she adopted two corgis in the fall of 2015. But when one of the dogs showed symptoms of the genetic disease degenerative myelopathy, she found herself immersed in learning how to care for a dog that was slowly becoming paralyzed. She documented the journey with photographs that she posted on Facebook to educate people about the effects of this disease, and the challenges she faced. Her book, Another New Normal: Coping and caring for a dog with a degenerative condition is the culmination of what she learned during her time caring for her disabled dog. Miriam lives in Utah with two rescue dogs, Zeek and Cody, and five rescue cats. You can frequently find her out exploring the beauty of the natural world with her dogs, gardening, and being kind.
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People are really complaining about mortgage rates. I understand that nobody likes when things get more expensive, but the truth of the matter is, rates are NOT that high! Yes, they are higher than they have been recently, and yes, you do have to go back to 2009 to find average mortgage rates in the 5% range and 2008 when they were last averaging in the 6% area. To be fair, it was only 21 years ago when rates averaged in the 8% range, and you have to go back to 1991 to find 9% and 1990 to see double digits, but before that it was double digits from 1979 for 11 years! Including 1981 & 1982 when rates were 16+%!
So yes, mortgage rates are higher than they were recently, but take a look at the rates on your credit cards! How many people are carrying balances…
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