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Summer Goralik, DRE Expert shares one of the more dangerous situations in your real estate office and it's not what you think! Join Summer as she shares the smart move, but the fine line, of hiring a personal assistant. Discover the very definite liabilities that you need to know! 
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Welcome to July! There are three things you are really going to have to watch, in addition to everything else we are dealing with, during the month of July.
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The self-storage industry is currently a $39 billion dollar industry with positive projected growth over the next five years. This industry has figured out how to play our emotions like a fiddle. 
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Meet Samantha Knoerr who helped Christy Buck build the massively successful Christy Buck team from 3 to 28 members. Starting out as a babysitter she rose to Operations Manager of one of the most dominant real estate offices in the Houston Texas area. As the power behind the Christy Buck Team, Samantha and Christy have built a team by deploying systems and strategies from the Workman Success Systems. If you have resisted hiring a good admin, and want to learn how to work less and make more, discover how Samantha uses organizational excellence to grow each member of the team to profitability for everyone!
Posted On Thursday, 25 June 2020 05:00 Written by
How do you build a team from one to 28? Christy Buck, super star producer from Pearland, Texas, shares how hiring the right Administrator to advance to Operations Manager enabled her to jump from a dining room table agent to a thriving team of 28 team members. Get your life back and get the scoop from this dynamic duo!
Posted On Thursday, 18 June 2020 05:00 Written by
How do you go from a dining room folding table to 7 figure income?  Christy Buck shares her journey from single mom of two young boys and struggling sales agent to dominate the Houston real estate market? Christy shares how it can be done through a team effort, and her Chief Operations Manager, Samantha Knoerr.  Check this segment out to learn how building a team through systems and accountability works to empower every member of the team and create matchless distinction and success!
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As a leader, do you have your finger on the pulse of what’s happening every week? Your team needs real leadership in a time that they need it most! People are still buying and selling and if we feel responsibility to help them, we have to figure out ways to help prospects even though we are physically restricted. Master Coach, speaker, trainer and radio host, Cleve Gaddis, from Remax Center in Atlanta, addresses how giving your team structure and systems can shift them from Lead Accountability to Lead Awareness. 
Posted On Sunday, 07 June 2020 05:00 Written by
Have you ever thought about how a listing appointment is much like a job interview? That’s because it is! You would never show up at a job interview without a resume, and the capability to discuss your plan of action to tackle the job and provide testimonials as to your expertise and suitability for the job.  Why wouldn’t you do the same type of preparation for the interview to get the job of listing and marketing their property? 
Posted On Wednesday, 20 May 2020 05:00 Written by
While a real estate broker must manage and oversee myriad areas of compliance, there is definitely one “hot spot” lurking amongst them that will quickly garner the attention of the California Department of Real Estate (DRE). That hot spot is digital advertising. A broker’s digital advertisements are out there, everywhere, and can be quickly viewed and analyzed by the DRE at any time. 
Posted On Sunday, 17 May 2020 05:00 Written by
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