In part 1 of this article, we diagnosed a reality of many digital disruptions, especially those pertaining to AI and automation in the education industry: Technology will NOT replace humans, but only give them a greater opportunity to leverage their tactile, human skills to find new roles in the world. In such a hands-on, human sector as education, educators, administrators, and leaders alike should not fear the current influx of autonomous software like ChatGPT but instead, use an anticipatory mindset coupled with their human competencies to adapt autonomous software and think critically and creatively about letting it handle the simple, otherwise arduous tasks. In doing so, professionals in education can better foster the ability for students to learn the skill of application and in turn, how they themselves can adapt to the world around them. The best part? All of this cannot be replicated by AI, autonomous software, or machine learning (ML) whatsoever!
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After a good CPI number and a solid 10-year treasury auction, we saw a nice 75bp improvement in the UMBS 30YR 5.5% coupon, which followed up a 19bp gain on Tuesday. Today we have the PPI number and jobless claims, so we might see some more good news and another good day for bonds. Despite all the good inflation data, you can expect the Fed to raise rates again at the end of the month, just because they can, and because they REFUSE to use any real-time data at their disposal and formulate a real strategy. As usual, the Fed is way behind the curve and refuses to admit they are wrong. Since you can’t fight the Fed, expect a slow, but steady decline in mortgage rates and when the economy stalls in the fall as those with student loans struggle to pay back what they owe, billions will not…
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There were no winners of the jackpot in the Mega Millions drawing on Tuesday, July 11th and the Powerball drawing on July 12th. However, the Players Edge AI app successfully predicted the jackpot for both drawings. In addition, the app accurately predicted the second, third, and fourth place winners twice as often as the actual results, with Players Edge AI producing 4,147 predictions compared to the actual count of 2,290. Powerball July 17th drawing - $900 Million Mega Millions July 18th drawing - $640 Million Players Edge has a proven record that its technology can significantly exceed actual lottery-winning results. Using our free APP will enhance your chance of winning. Available on the APP stores, download and register for FREE access.  
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Elevated mortgage rates are cutting into homebuyers’ budgets. But this week’s inflation report—which shows that consumer prices are cooling quickly—provides a glimmer of hope that mortgage rates could gradually start to come down. The median U.S. home-sale price rose 1.5% from a year earlier during the four weeks ending July 9, the first increase in nearly five months. That’s according to a new report from Redfin (, the technology-powered real estate brokerage. Average weekly mortgage rates are at their highest level since November 2022, bringing the typical homebuyer’s monthly payment to a near-record-high of $2,627.
To look at the hit on affordability another way, a homebuyer on a $3,000 monthly budget can afford a $450,000 home with today’s average rate. That buyer has lost $30,000 in purchasing power since February, when they could have bought a $480,000 home with that month’s average rate of around 6%. The drop…
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What can you learn from a woman who is a self-described Badass (former military), a Smart Ass (MBA) and a PhD Wise Ass? You get the author of a new book, “SPARK! The 5 Essentials to lead within”- Meet Tracey Jones, Ph. D an author of 10 books and learn from her extraordinary vision of leadership!  Find out what DNA REALLY stands for!  A bit about Tracey:  Author, speaker, veteran, and entrepreneur, Dr. Tracey C. Jones is a student of life. With five careers path spanning the military, Fortune 500 companies, defense and government contracting, and small business, she has a unique perspective of learning, living, and leading. Tracey is the author of 10 books, five of which are children’s books co-“paw”thored by her rescue dogs and cats. She is also a recognized scholar and researcher in the field of crisis leadership and the theory of motivation. As the daughter…
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The education industry and teaching are on the precipice of major transformation due to the acceleration of all kinds of new technologies, predominantly artificial intelligence (AI). Education is no longer just a human endeavor, and both teachers and prominent institutions and organizations in the field of education must adapt and adjust as education and technology (also known as EdTech) combine to develop a new, more efficient way of learning.
As you know, much of my teaching revolves around my Hard Trend Methodology and anticipatory thinking, differentiating between Hard Trends and Soft Trends to identify and embrace disruption before it occurs. Hard Trends are those that are future certainties that will happen, while Soft Trends are future possibilities that can be influenced and changed. Before we dive into where the world of education is heading, I want to remind everyone that the world has shifted from a time of rapid change to a time of transformation. Change always…
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NEW CFA REPORT DOCUMENTS THE COSTS TO THE INDUSTRY AND CONSUMERS Today the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) is releasing a new report – “A Surfeit of Real Estate Agents: Industry and Consumer Impacts” – that uses industry sources to document the costs to industry and to consumers of too many residential real estate agents.  More than 1.5 million residential agents (including brokers) compete for home sales usually totaling 5 to 6 million annually.  Those costs include:  economic inefficiencies including an inordinate time spent by agents finding clients, relatively low incomes of many full-time agents, frustration by these agents and by many consumers who must deal with inexperienced agents, reinforcement of relatively high and uniform commission rates, and damage to the reputation of the industry.
“A large majority of practicing real estate agents have recently received their license or work part-time,” said Stephen Brobeck, a senior fellow at…
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The Cape Coral metro area has more than made up for the plunge in new listings caused by the storm Listings of homes for sale in the Cape Coral-Fort Myers, FL metropolitan area have recovered after plunging in the wake of Hurricane Ian last fall, and sales have begun to bounce back, according to a new report from Redfin (, the technology-powered real estate brokerage. In the two months after the devastating September 2022 storm, there were 900 fewer new listings in Cape Coral-Fort Myers than there would have been had the storm not hit, according to Redfin projections. But in the six months after that, there were 1,314 more new listings than projected, more than offsetting the shortfall. To put it another way, the metro had gained 415 more new listings than it had lost by early May. The Cape Coral-Fort Myers metro area will be referred to as…
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