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 A bit about Stefan: Stefan Swanepoel is an articulate, captivating, energetic speaker who has delivered over 1,100 talks, with over 700 as the keynote speaker. He is a fact-packed storyteller with a razor-sharp intellect and the proven ability to translate complex issues into easy to understand messages. It is easy to understand why Stefan has for over four decades served as a successful business executive in roles including President and/or CEO of a real estate brokerage, a global real estate franchisor, a national REALTOR® association, a MLS organization, and a technology startup. For the last 19 years he has served as a trusted confidential adviser to CEOs and other senior leaders in the real estate industry. Stefan received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Pretoria and holds a Master of Commerce from the University of Johannesburg. He is also an acclaimed author of 33 books and reports.…
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Dr. Burrus shares the latest innovations of the virus and what you need to know to protect your workers, company and customers.
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Smart real estate professionals never miss the annual Swanepoel Trends Report from super resource, Stefan Swanepoel and his T3 Sixty team. To dig into the deep details, Stefan kicked it up a notch with a 450 page ALMANAC of comprehensive content in his 2020 year edition of "The Real Estate Almanac" -- the residential real estate brokerage industry’s largest and most extensive collection of industry data and meaningful analysis, readily accessible for no cost at 
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What is your default uniform?  You know, that one pair of slacks that is your “go to” first choice, or that favorite sweater that looked really good a few years back and well today…not so much!  It’s really a challenge to get out of a comfort rut when it comes to what we choose to wear every day. But what if you could get a little help to re-imagine how to use what you already have to pump up your look, to feel more confident and look great. 
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Are you paralyzed with the fear of the unknown, possibly caused by the uncertainty of this global pandemic?  Chad Hymas has very personal and painful experience with uncertainty, fear, doubt, because you have it in common with Chad.  He shares what he  has learned from his own tragic circumstances to transform tragedy and fear into opportunity.
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Michael Krisa, the video expert, shares what you need and what you need to do to really master the power of engagement using your mobile phone to create high level videos! Don't miss the tips that Michael share to help you connect and support your clients, customers and prospects to make more sales and build a powerful brand.   
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Do your follow up calls really do what you want them to do? The different kinds of real help you can offer beats out the scripts that can sound shallow and perfunctory.  Master Coach, speaker, radio host and top producing team leader Cleve Gaddis, from ReMax/Atlanta area shares his list of outreach call items to share with your prospects that really make a difference to get exceptional results.  Join Cleve as he shares what you can say DIFFERENTLY than a generic follow up call to make more sales and build relationships. There are over 7 Million homeowners have applied for forbearance and need our help!  
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There are ways to keep yourself more secure! Dovell Bonnett shares the 79/30 Rule and the top t tips  you can do RIGHT now to protect yourself and your business!
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