Word of the Day - Monument

A visible marker, either a natural or artificial object, set by the government or surveyors, used to establish the lines and boundaries of a survey. Monuments include artificial immovables, such as stakes, iron pins, or posts, and metal or stone markers, as well as natural objects, such as marked trees, streams, and rivers. A possible problem with natural monuments is that they sometimes move from their original locations. An example of an intangible monument would be the corner of a section in a government survey system. Although not visibly identifiable, it can still be accurately located by survey.

The use of monuments is essential to the accuracy of a metes-and-bounds description, which commences with a point of beginning at a monument (such as an iron pin or the intersection of two streets). In a dispute over who owns a particular property, monuments prevail if courses or distances, as set forth in a metes-and-bounds description in deeds or other documents, show otherwise.

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