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The Septic Inspection

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The Septic Inspection


Buyers will want to inspect the septic system of your home should it use this type of system.  This inspection must be performed by a Licensed Septic Company, there are many in this area and prices will vary.  Most Lenders that a Buyer may use will require this inspection.  Your septic system must pass and a certification issued for Lender approval.  This cost is for this inspection, in El Dorado County, typically runs about $100 - $150 just for the inspection, exposing the lids is an extra cost typically $75 - $150 for most.  If you tank needs to be pumped, it can run another $500. 


Locating the tank itself can be a challenge for the inspector, so if you know the location mark it for him before he comes to make it easier.  If they have to drop a beeper in the toilet to find the tank, this is an extra fee for the device.  Most tanks are relatively easy to find but if they are deeper than 12 inches they can be difficult to locate and the inspector may require a back hoe to dig it up.  Think extra charge here as well.  If the tank has a riser type lid be grateful for that and if it does not, then consider installing them for the future.  They are pricey at first but may save money in the long run by not having to hire a back hoe to dig for you.


The report will include the details of tank itself such as: The actual gallon amount that the tank holds, material it is made from, T’s in place correctly, and the amount of sludge and scum.  The thickness of these last two items will determine if the tank needs to be pumped or not.


Most companies will draw a diagram where the tank is located on the property but don’t count on that being 100% accurate for future use.  They are typically drawn freehand by the inspector with the distances in estimates.  Marking the location with a marker will help when the time comes for the next inspection.


Should a repair be needed to your system to complete the transaction for the Buyer, be sure to hire the right person for the job.  Prices can vary greatly so I would recommend at least a few bids on the job before you make a decision on whom to hire.  Some of the Inspection Companies can do work but that doesn’t make them the best choice.


If you have any questions, call me and I will help you.  If you know of someone looking to Buy or Sell Real Estate in El Dorado County call me, text me at 530-306-3494 or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Visit my website at

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