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Small Kitchen Renovation: Taking the Most of Your Space

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A well-designed kitchen should blend in harmony that evokes creativity and functionality that enables free movement and efficient work. Both of these are hard to accomplish when you’re dealing with a tiny kitchen. Small kitchens have a nasty habit of making us feel claustrophobic because there’s simply nowhere to turn when preparing food, and the visually-cramped space does everything but evoking culinary creativity. Still, there are ways to create a nice-looking and a functional kitchen even in a limited space.

Erase the Visual Boundaries

The illusion of spaciousness is sometimes everything you need to feel more comfortable in your tiny kitchen. There are basically three ways to erase visual boundaries in the kitchen.

·        The simplest one is to use the same color (preferably white, beige, grey or some other light neutral shade) for your backsplash tile, cabinets and walls.

·        A bit more complicated is to follow the last year’s trend of creating a seamless transition between the kitchen and the living room, by incorporating similar decorative elements, colors and materials.

·        The most demanding project is to go with 2017 top trend of creating an invisible kitchen. This means that you would have to completely remodel your small kitchen and install slide panels that could hide the appliances and all the things that reveal its function.

Open the Shelves

An entirely opposite approach from the hidden kitchen we’ve mentioned would be to show off your kitchenware on open shelves. Removing the cabinet doors could actually give you more space to maneuver. You can even install bookshelves as a more economical solution and use your dishes as décor.

Light It Up!

You have probably already heard that how some space is lit can impact our perception of the size of that space. The more natural light you let in – the bigger your kitchen will look. So tearing down a wall or installing a bigger window can be a great decision. Also, in regards to functionality, it would be a great idea to install pendant lights above the kitchen island.

Rethink the Sink

Of course, we would all want a double-bowl sink that can accommodate all the dishes, and leave us with enough space to work with, but in a small kitchen, you can’t afford that luxury. Instead, go with a small single-bowl undermount sink to save every inch of the space. You can even place it in the corner to save some more space, which can require some professional plumbing services. The experts from Your Choice Plumbers suggest an articulated faucet that can be bent out of the way and accommodate large pots and dishes.

Focus on Function, Not Size

Do you really need that large 8-burner stove? Unless you are constantly cooking for a crowd, probably not. You could probably get away with 4 or even 2 burners. The same goes for a dishwasher or refrigerator. Pint-size appliances can meet the needs of most households, and leave enough room for food preparation.

Opt for MacGyver-style Island

Kitchen island doesn’t have to be a luxury allowed only for large kitchens. If used properly, it can even save you a lot of space. A MacGyver-style island is a compact all-in-one piece that can store your dishes, and include a stove, a sink, prep space, a range and even garbage storage area.

Improve Your Storage Game

Speaking of storage, island or no island, there are plenty of creative ways to turn clutter into functional kitchen.

·        Pullout pantry can be tucked in the tightest spaces (e.g. between the fridge and the wall).

·        Wall-mounted storage can be used to hang everything from towels and kitchen tools to knives and pots.

·        Taking the cabinets all the way up to the ceiling will not only increase the storage space, but also create uninterrupted view towards the ceiling and make the kitchen look taller.

·        Using corners to the maximum is another necessity of modern day small kitchens.


A teeny-tiny kitchen can be just as functional and beautiful as any lavish catalog example. Just do your best to work with the space you have, instead of daydreaming about square footage you can’t create. 

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