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Why You Should Rent Out Your House For The Summer

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If you live in a desirable location for tourists then renting out your home this summer could be a great option for you in order to get away for a while and potentially make some money whilst doing so. The holiday rentals market has changed dramatically in recent years and websites such as Airbnb have made it easier than ever for you to list your property and allow tourists to enjoy your home.

It may seem a little radical but let us tell you exactly why renting your place out this summer makes so much sense.

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Last year I rented out my apartment in Orlando and hit the road for 3 months, all told I ended up spending around 70% less than I would have done as a result of renting out my property. I made the decision around February, after listing my apartment I managed to get someone in straight away at a good price. Just before July I hunted down some storage units in Orlando, put my stuff away and headed off to Europe. The cost of the trip was almost entirely covered by the rental and you can do exactly the same this year.


Even if you don’t want to spend the time traveling, you could look to use the vacation rental as a way of turning your home into a little bit of profit. If you have family that you can stay with or even a friend or partner with whom you can shack up with for the summer then you could make some serious cash from your property. It will be important that you take a look at the prices being charged for similar types of properties before naming your price, if you have a mortgage then don’t let how much you pay each month dictate what you will charge. The price which you come up with should be based on the property and the location, nothing more.

Opportunity to Do Something Different

The reason why I loved renting my property out last summer was that it break the norm and gave me an opportunity to spend my summer in an entirely different way than ever before. I used to think that it would be difficult to rent my property out but this proved to be the easiest part. I used to spend my summers in pretty much the same way each year, maybe a vacation but the rest of the time I would just spend my days the same way. Being able to get away without the worries of what to do with my apartment or how I would fund my travels was a breath of fresh air and will most certainly be doing the same this year and I would recommend that you do the same too.


Don’t worry about what kind of property you have, there are all kinds of different types of property that people are looking for from the smallest, biggest, quirkiest and most remote, do something different this year and rent out your property for the summer. 

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