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Do Realtors lie with photos? - Michigan home buyer tips

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Do Realtors lie with photos?  I started thinking about this when a client said now I see why they did not have more pictures on line.  The pictures definitely made this house look better.  I have had home buyer say that the pictures didn't do the hosue justice and most of the time say the house looked better online.  Yes, real estate agents lie with their camera.  Real estate agents take pictures of the best parts of the house.   They skip over the bad parts. The only time pictures do not lie is when the house is absolutley beautiful.  Then a real estate agent will take pictures of the whole house.

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Now let me tell you why real estate agents lie with photos.  As a selling agent their goal is to get buyers into a house.  As everybody knows the more people that know about a product the more likely you will have a sale.  So the goal as the selling agent is to make the home appear in the best possible light.  They want buyers to like your home.  They want buyers to view your home on line and love it or at least be intrigued by it.  So they are going to take pictures of the house of all the good features.  It does not matter if it is an Oakland County lake home for sale or any Southeastern Michigan home for sale they are going to show the best of the house and ignore the worst. 

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They are going to leave off that ugly bathroom.  Or leave that broken window out of the picture.  Or zoom in on certain areas to avoid showing a scratched up cupboard.  Or they will take pictures from the wall up to avoid showing the ancient linoleum.  They want home buyers to at least walk in your house and then make a decision on whether they like it or not.  They do not want them to make a decision on your home until they walk through the door.

Why do you say they do that?  You may think it does not matter because the buyers are going to see it anyway.  However the buyer may fall in love with certain parts of the house and the little problem may not be so big for them.  They may really like the house in person.  So listing agent will not have lost one thing by getting into the house.  One more buyer that saw it and one more person that may buy it.  That's our goal.  They hope to have more people see it in person than make a decision on line via a bad picture.

So yes in my book real estate agents do lie with photos.  After all they are working for the seller to find a buyer.  They want to be truthful so they don't take a picture of the bad part of the house.  I know of no real estate agent that photo shops the problem.  They just don't take a picture of the room or area.  The agent just wants to get you in the door before you make a decision.  I hope this home buying tips explains why realtors lie with photos.  

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