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Agents: What's Your Point?... Your Choice!

Written by on Tuesday, 17 December 2013 12:02 pm

Realty Times is out to prove there is always room for improvement and you continually let us know we're successful. The RT Team wants to thank you for your support in 2013 and offer you a unique opportunity to get a Head Start on 2014!

RT Columnist PJ Wade's popular trend-setting business book What's Your Point? Cut The Crap, Hit The Mark & Stick! is now available in three key electronic formats - EPUB, MOBI, and PDF. We've joined with Publisher Catapult Publishing to celebrate this opportunity for professionals and to make sure you benefit:

The 2013 3X-What's Your Point? - Bundle is available for a limited time at 80% off. That means, $20 buys you the 3X-Full Spectrum Set of What's Your Point? Ebooks (EPUB, MOBI, and PDF) - a regular $100 value. Put these three ebooks to work for yourself and your clients, or give the ebooks as gifts.

What's Your Point? Plus Realty Times readers receive a free invitation to the first two 2014 What's Your Point? Business Booster Teleseminars featuring PJ Wade, The Catalyst - an additional $100 value. Just send Catapult Publishing an email as you complete your purchase of the Holiday-priced $20 3X-What's Your Point? -Bundle, and you'll receive details for the by-invitation-only Business Booster Teleseminars.

Your Head Start on 2014!: Visit Catapult Publishing BookStore Catapult Publishing BookStore before midnight EST December 25, 2013. Buy your $20 3X-Full Spectrum Set of What's Your Point? Ebooks (EPUB, MOBI, and PDF) AND claim your free invitation to two 2014 What's Your Point? Business Booster Teleseminars.

What’s Your Point? is designed for professionals who want EVERYTHING...

  • Everything possible for their clients
  • Everything achievable for their practice
  • Everything reasonable to accomplish consistent effective communication - online and off.

Strategist and Futurist PJ Wade stresses that "What's Your Point?" - the pivotal 21st Century business question - must be answered before you open your mouth, hit a key, or tap anything. Too often "Your Point?" is not clear to you, and communication remains an expensive illusion.

Author of 7 books and more than 1800 published articles, Wade has taken the business ebook an important step further by incorporating social media into evaluations of the full spectrum of communication open to professionalsintent on retaining clients, converting leads, and consistently delivering more than clients expect. Wade has designed a practical resource to help resolve day-to-day communication problems while fostering innovative, creative forward thinking.

Publishing the comprehensive What's Your Point? (WYPt) as EPUB, MOBI, and PDF ebooks ensures that readers are not forced to plod from page to printed page, or to lug a print book around, but can take full advantage of What's Your Point? as a fully-accessible resource in all-expansive digital format with inherent flexibility.

WYPt PDF Ebook: This colorful, book-like easy-read format facilitates scanning page to page, jumping from topic to topic, and flipping from chapter to chapter. What's Your Point? is the equivalent of 3 books and more than 160 articles, so this fully-navigable version enables real estate professionals to chart their own course instead of being forced to read everything to get anywhere. The 6-page drill-down Contents and the 90-Keyword Glossary, combined with built-in PDF bookmarking and other features, enable readers to quickly and easily create their own version of "What's Your Point?" With communication issues related to every aspect of practice management, including social media and succession, combined with those related to client service and retention, the PDF ebook is a portable "innovation mall" for your business mind - always accessible on your laptop, tablet, cloud…

Wypt EPUB Ebook: The EPUB reflowable format allows readers to create a digital resource tailored to their needs and their technology. Wade believes that the trend toward short - often magazine-article length - nonfiction ebooks, which are marketing tools for authors, has led business readers to overlook the ebook's true knowledge-transfer power and digital always-on inspiration potential.What's Your Point?, which is essentially a fully-integrated collection of the equivalent of 160 articles or "160 ebooks within an ebook," is designed for quick on-topic reads when need arises. Access with smartphone, tablet, or any other e-reader and locate what you want to know about communication when you need to know.

WYPt MOBI: Small-screen devices like smartphones combine high-speed computing with always-ready portability, so MOBI-format ebooks provide the same ease and speed of access. Have a communication idea or concern to explore? The always-ready copy of What's Your Point? on your smartphone provides answers when you need them, and ideas when clients want more.

The point here is that being prepared for any communication opportunity or challenge means thinking ahead, not just turning to a last-minute internet search. Professionals are hired for their skills and knowledge, both of which need regular and continuous up-dating and improving. Ever-ready communication knowledge resources like What's Your Point?, in its ebook formats, and the wealth of professional content on Realty Times ensure you're always prepared with immediately-actionable business communication solutions.

Your Head Start on 2014!: Visit Catapult Publishing BookStore before midnight EST December 25, 2013. Buy your $20 3X-Full Spectrum Set of What's Your Point? Ebooks (EPUB, MOBI, and PDF) AND claim your free invitation to two 2014 What's Your Point? Business Booster Teleseminars: BUY NOW

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