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Agents: Staying Motivated To Succeed

Written by on Tuesday, 31 December 2013 10:03 am

For salespeople, there are always constant pressures, influences, and situations that affect your motivation. One of the mistakes that salespeople make is thinking that their motivation, whether it comes internally or through the use of external sources like seminars, books, other competing salespeople's performance, CD's, or coaching will last indefinitely. Whatever technique you have implemented in the past or present will not work forever without regular application.

Motivation is like taking a shower. You can't take a shower once in your life and expect to be clean forever. You need to shower every day, just as you need to focus on maintaining or, better yet, increasing your motivation level every day. You must wash yourself clean of the people and situations in life that reduce your motivation. When your motivation is low, you have a lower probability of going the extra mile that is needed to separate yourself from the competition.

Motivation increases as clarity increases. One reason salespeople have low motivation is because the clarity of their goals and objectives is fuzzy. There is a direct link between motivation and goals. If you have defined and written goals, your motivation will be higher. You will be more capable of handling the storms of problem clients, a thinning pipeline of leads, slumps, and other negative occurrences that happen to all salespeople.

Too many salespeople who are trying to excel falsely assume that high performing salespeople have few challenges. The truth is the higher performing salespeople usually have more challenges. They are just more adept at handling them quicker. It's logical that they would have more challenges and negative outcomes with prospects and clients because their exposure to more prospects and clients demands that. It's the law of averages that dictates more people equate to more problems and negative influences that lower motivation.

The secret of these Champion Salespeople is the limited amount of time they allow themselves to be out of focus, off of their objective, and off track to their goals. The universal truth for coaching and training Champion Performing Salespeople for over fifteen years is they spend less time wallowing. When they are off track, they recognize it quicker and do something about it. A Champion Salesperson doesn't let a negative outcome wipe them out for the rest of the week, day, or even hour like the average sales performer does. They take corrective action on their motivation and attitude... now!

Let me give you more caution. Most salespeople overuse money as a motivator. As a new salesperson, money is frequently the supreme motivator. As your career progresses and you begin to realize some of your sales goals and personal goals, money's influence diminishes. Money ceases to be a motivational tool when you have achieved many of your financial goals in life. Salespeople can encounter regular and prolonged slumps if they haven't reset their goals once they have achieved success in sales and a good measure of material wealth.

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  • Comment Link Crystal McAtee Wednesday, 22 January 2014 10:17 am posted by Crystal McAtee

    This is a great article - Thank You for sharing!

  • Comment Link Mary Beth Nunez, Realtor ® Friday, 03 January 2014 4:08 pm posted by Mary Beth Nunez, Realtor ®

    What a great Post!. I constantly look for things to better keep me motivated and like you stated, there are times that you go through a slump but Thank Goodness for determination and being around motivated positive people.

  • Comment Link John Poulsen Thursday, 02 January 2014 10:02 am posted by John Poulsen

    This article hits home. Always trying to keep focused on the goals.

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