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Agents: Bring Your Presentations To Life

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 23 July 2013 00:00

In the real estate industry, both commercial and residential, presentations are an integral part of the sales process. From Excel forecasts about revenues and expansion to PowerPoint slides about proposed development to business frameworks that underscore a company's various strengths, one thing is clear: having the visual tools - the pages, templates and customizable models - to initiate or finalize a deal is critical. In other words, current and prospective clients - including landlords, tenants, lenders, retailers and others - want to see something that encapsulates an idea in a distinctive manner. 

This emphasis on presentation, which can be personal (in terms of how an actual broker interacts with a client at the office or a casual setting) or professional (with a broker guiding viewers through a collection of images), is, at its core, a principle every business should uphold. The challenge for real estate brokers involves time and skill: the luxury of having a number of free hours, which is highly unlikely, to create these presentations, or, alternatively, confronting the reality that few people have a strong command of the programs available with Microsoft Office. Indeed, certification classes exist for this very reason -- few people have the skill and time to create a compelling presentation from scratch. And yet, enrolling in such a class can be expensive - the quality of the instructors often ranges, sadly, from mediocre to worse - and beyond the tight schedule of a broker's list of daily activities.

The solution to this dilemma - a service for which I am the Founder and CEO - involves offering the most commonly used templates (for Excel and PowerPoint, among others), which users can then easily customize and present to their respective audiences. This resource, which is invaluable for real estate brokers, has universal appeal among all executives, analysts, staffers and support personnel. For these individuals have other priorities - like running and managing offices, or counseling clients about rental fees and long-term leasing arrangements - beyond creating, editing (and re-editing) and finalizing a presentation.

Giving workers access to these templates, which are available for purchase and instant download, makes customization - the inclusion of the text, numbers or images a user wants to include - fast and easy. Think of the savings, in time and money, with this solution versus the status quo: the latter is unsustainable, as it diverts precious resources to creating (at best) a subpar document or series of PowerPoint slides, where everything – including the cultivation of existing clients and the ability to attract new accounts - rests with a presentation that is clear, authoritative, persuasive and easy to follow.

By providing brokers with these materials from, I believe we can empower brokers to further their goals and thus achieve something far more important: the reinvigoration of a major part of the economy, where the housing market in general and sales by brokers in particular influences (or rather, reverberates) its way through a multitude of subsidiary industries like construction, approval of new mortgages, legal transactions and consumer spending.

Can a single presentation have this kind of proverbial butterfly effect, in which massive parts of the economy rise or fall? In a word, and not to put too fine a point on the matter, the answer is: yes. Multi-billion dollar deals can hinge on numbers - they do depend on this data - along with, and this brings us back to my earlier statement, the manner in which that content is presented.

Having the ability to easily modify an already strong template - the digital equivalent of plug-and-play - is, for the scenario described above, the single variable between success and failure. So, yes, a powerful presentation can motivate and inspire a viewer, just as a generic collection of images and a few buzzwords can strain an audience's attention. Thankfully, there is a solution at our disposal, which appeals to entrepreneurs and established corporations alike, thereby giving employees - in this case, real estate brokers - the chance to, pardon the expression, excel -- with Excel (and PowerPoint, too).

This milestone transforms the way real estate brokers showcase their respective strengths, as well as the ease by which they customize a diverse collection of essential business templates. With this convenience, complemented by a large (and expanding) library of content, all users can transform they way they communicate and succeed. Those features are a pathway for prosperity and credibility, an attractive format for the delivery of presentations and the ability to win people's attention.

Dave Tang, Founder and CEO of Flevy, the marketplace for premium business documents, where you can browse for business frameworks, financial models, PowerPoint & presentation templates, market research reports.
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