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Spring Marketing Tips For Agents

Written by Carla Hill on Wednesday, 21 March 2012 7:00 pm

This Spring presents some incredible opportunities for selling homes. It's time your market knew this! The Federal Reserve has committed itself to keeping rates low and now that employment levels have risen more buyers are finding themselves ready to make a purchase.

Many buyers and sellers, however, are wholly unaware of the opportunities that exist thanks to today's conditions.

While home prices may be on the decline, homeowners who have been in their current properties for a decade or more will likely have built a substantial amount of equity. They should be educated on what doors this opens. When their home is staged and marketed correctly they can sell in today's market and open up a world of bigger and better properties. Now could very well be prime time to move into their dream home.

Additionally, Spring is a wonderful time to market a home. Many families love to buy during this season so that they can make the move at the end of the school year. Staging a home during this season is so easy. Green lawns and fresh flowers make for great curb appeal and that equals stellar first impressions.

Yet, instead of focusing on these great positives about this season for selling, homeowners read the headlines splashed across major media news sites and let worry keep them on the sidelines.

What are some ways that you get the word out about Spring and selling?

  1. Advertise with Social Media: Facebook and Twitter are truly seasonless, but you can use the bloom of Spring to introduce a new seasonal marketing campaign online. Post daily or weekly Spring selling or staging tips!

  2. Monthly newsletter: Send out a monthly newsletter to your contact list that showcases the positive aspects of today's market.

  3. Network it: Don't be afraid to let people know that you're a real estate agent and that now is a great time to enter the market.

  4. Make market conditions a part of your presentation: When people first test the waters of real estate they meet with several real estate agents. Don't just show them what homes are available. Show buyers and sellers what the true story is for market conditions in your area. Not only will you gain their trust, you'll show them with hard facts that today's market is full of opportunities.

Spring is a wonderful time to sell and now is a great time to be buying. Get the word out and watch your business bloom!

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