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Every Door Direct Mail: What Agents Are Sending

Written by Julie Escobar on Sunday, 21 April 2013 7:00 pm

The Inside Scoop From the Print Shop

Well, if I ever want the inside skinny on WHAT agents are doing effectively and WHY, I head straight to the source and connect with my good friend, colleague and all around smart cookie Ramona Williams. Since it seems like Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)TMis the hot-market marketing tool of choice, I thought I'd find out what agents are saying these days.

Here's the scoop:

Q: Ramona, EDDM orders are flying out of the print shop at break-neck speeds these days - what would you say the top three TYPES of mailings agents are ordering when using this cool and affordable service?

A: I'd say by far the most popular piece hands-down is the Panoramic Postcard featuring a new listing. It's sleek, beautiful, markets the new listing and is a great way to showcase the agent's results as well. Secondly, we're seeing a lot of agents who are using a little bigger piece to spotlight multiple listings on one mailer. It might be for a series of open houses or just to showcase that the agent is the turn-to person to call for listings in an area. And third, we're seeing agents use panoramic postcards featuring direct response offers such as a Free CMA, List of Homes, Consultation, etc.

Q: Great - yes, I think the panoramic postcard is definitely the front runner choice for agents right now. How many routes, on average, are you seeing agents choose?

A: I would say most agents choose one or two routes. With the average carrier route running anywhere from 300-500 homes, it just seems like a manageable area for most agents to not only connect with - but have the ability to follow up on. (And that really IS still the key-right?)

Q: Right! So what's the response been from the agents that you've talked to - is it working?

A: Absolutely, and I believe that most of the agents that are taking advantage of this powerful, yet affordable new option from the post office are using it in some very smart ways. They are using them to break into new areas where they've maybe got a little name recognition but want more, or they are using it to really consistently cultivate listing saturation. Both are really smart strategies.

Q: I agree! Any last words of advice for agents considering EDDM?

A: Just that like ANY marketing, consistency really is key. If budget is an issue then I would say choose a smaller route and be consistent in sending to that route often. One-shot mailings - even ones that saturate a market area are not normally very effective. The agents that are seeing the best results from this system are sending every one to two months for at least six months.

Thank you much Ramona for your insights. As always - you're very helpful! If you are a real estate pro and you'd like to learn more about whether EDDM is right for you or whether another form of marketing might better suit your needs and market area - give Ramona and her team a call at 1.866.405.3638 today or visit They've got the answers you need to kick your spring marketing into HIGH gear!

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