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August Cybertips

Written by Jack Peckham on Tuesday, 23 August 2011 7:00 pm

Trick #1: Get Rid Of Your Expired Meds Safely - And Easily

Dumping your old expired meds down the toilet? Maybe that seems like the easy solution - but it's a bad idea because it messes up our water supply and cumulatively could make a lot of people sick --- including you.

These folks have helped prevent 123,000 pounds of unused medications from harming our citizens and the earth. Their flagship system is set up to make it easy to get rid of your old meds in an easy and environmentally safe manner.

Here's how it works. When you arrive at this site you will find a search box for your zip code. This will provide you with a list of participating pharmacies where you can simply drop off your old meds. They ship it to a processing plant where it is safely repurposed into a risk-free renewable resource used in the manufacture of building materials.

These folks - with your help - can keep medical waste out of our water supplies and landfills -- for a greener, healthier planet.

Trick #2: Never Forget A Birthday

It hurts a lot when you forget an important birthday. Some nice folks have come along and set up this special service that will send you a reminder seven days before the event and another one day before -- so you'll never forget a birthday or special event again.

Just enter (or import) your birthday, anniversary and/or holiday lists and they take over by sending you a reminder e-mail and by making it easy to send cards right from their site. And they have a pretty extensive bundle of event categories with cards to match: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Lots of holidays, Health, Congratulations, Humorous, etc.

And best of all, unlike many similar services, there is no cost to you.

Great Place #1: Check This Crystal Ball Before You Buy

We'll bet, at one time or another, you've bought a laptop, computer, camera or other gadget and two weeks later found out there is a newer model with better features out on the market - or the same model at a reduced price. Arrrggghhh!

These folks go to bat for you and help avoid the arrrggghhhs by predicting future product releases so you can purchase with no regrets. They make model predictions by matching hundreds of thousands of devices to their model lineages and applying proprietary advanced algorithms.

These price predictions help get you off the fence so you can pull the trigger with confidence and save money. They claim that their prediction algorithms utilize billions of observed price movements and other data spread over 40 distinct factors.

No more Arrrggghhhs.

Great Place #2: Business Or Travel -- Know All About That Place

There has to be a good reason that this great place was visited by over 15 million folks last month and was featured in 121 books, on CNN, WABC in New York, Bay News 9 in Tampa Bay, and USA Today's Hot Sites.

People go here, when they are going to travel to or do business, to find out a ton of information on just about any city or town of consequence in the US. For example, you can find out everything you ever wanted to know about Vermillion Township, IL - population 325 - density: 14 people per square mile.

The information at this great place has been gathered from a wide variety of sources and includes graphs of latest real estate prices and sales trends, recent home sales, a home value estimator, hundreds of thousands of maps, satellite photos, stats about residents - race, income, ancestries, education, employment, geographical data, state profiles, crime data, registered sex offenders, cost of living, housing, religions and much much more.

Even though there are other sites where the data may be more current (at a considerable cost), if you ever need to do some quick research on any city, zip code, or neighborhood for any reason, from considering a move there to just checking where somebody you know is staying --- this is a good place to go.

And oh yes -- it's on the house.

Copies of all previous "Real Estate CyberTips" columns complete with all direct links are available at .

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