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Webcast Messaging Brings Remarkable Response

Written by on Wednesday, 16 March 2011 7:00 pm

Webcast Messaging has helped another real estate agent build a success story.

In today's market, agents are finding creative news ways to keep in contact with clients and contacts. They are taking control of their marketing. This is half the battle in making the next sale!

Webcast Messaging is a low-cost marketing tool that reps and salespeople from all industries use to keep their clients informed about the latest news and specials. You can find out more by visiting .

Messaging is about creating opportunity. Here's just one of our recent success stories!

An agent subscriber decided that now was the time to reconnect with old clients and contacts. They emailed out their first ever Market Conditions webcast -- a webcast about the latest trends in your area -- to their entire imported contact list. (This is the fifth video in your webcast messages library for those agents already signed up.). Within five minutes of sending out the email, this agent received automatic text messages from four contacts requesting market analysis on their homes -- with total home values totally over $2 million! And all four of the contacts were individuals the agent hadn't spoken to in months.

Talk about a response!

Automatic text messages are part of this great service that allows you to keep track of interested contacts while you're on the go.

This agent was also able to track each webcast they sent, to make sure the contact opened the email and to see if they were interested. They did this all from their Webcast Messaging control panel, which allows them to import their contacts, customize the look of their webcasts, view an extensive library of available webcasts, and of course post webcast messages on social media sites.

Isn't it time you had your success story? Sign-up today !

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