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July Cybertips

Written by Jack Peckham on Tuesday, 13 July 2010 7:00 pm

Trick #1: Make A Photo Montage

Need a quick montage (collage or the like) of many photos neatly assembled on one print? Maybe it's for a business presentation - maybe for a family or class reunion.

Whatever - a chore that might take hours using conventional methods can be finished in 5 minutes using this neat service. This easy to use online tool lets you create photo collages using one of their many collage templates. You simply drop your photos onto the template and then customize it dragging the photos around. After you're happy with the layout and design, you can download or print your masterpiece.

This gem is quick, easy and fun --- and, to top it off, it's on the house!

Trick #2: Easy Software Update Checker!

Ever wonder how many of the software programs on your computer are out of date? The most recent software updates give you the latest features helps ensure that your computer runs smoothly and protects it against potential security vulnerabilities. It's probably worthwhile to check now and then. It could take dozens of hours to perform this task manually - so many just ignore the issue and continue to operate with less than desirable software on their machine.

Now CNET has come to the rescue with a neat program that shows you the software on your computer that is out of date and provides you with the information you need to decide which updates you want. You can view available updates online or from your desktop. You can check CNET and user ratings at a glance and download updates safely and spyware free.

And it's good to know that this great service is with the compliments of these nice folks.

Great Place #1: Get Cash For Your Clunker Gadgets!

How much junk do you have tucked away in boxes that may be someone else's gold? Maybe you thought about selling some of your abandoned cell phones, cameras, PDAs, laptops, external drives, MP3 players or GPS devices but got turned off with the hassle of listing it in eBay or the like.

There's good reason that CNNMONEY.COM listed this great service in their "100 best money moves you can make". These nice folks will pay you for your junk. Simply visit their site and enter the gadget name in the search bar. Then simply answer a few questions about its condition and if you have the original accessories like cables and AC adapters. Up pops the price they'll pay you for your gadget. Just accept this price and they'll even send a postage-paid box to ship it to them. Shazam! - Junk into gold!

Great Place #2: Are You A Wordnik?

Curious about a word? Want to know more than you'll find in a standard dictionary? Want to see an example in a sentence? How about seeing related words - not just synonyms and antonyms?

This great place goes way beyond what we've come to expect in a dictionary. It gives us images related to the word. We can see how often a word is used each day - and how that number changes over the years. We can even hear the word pronounced.

This is an interesting and socially interactive place for people curious about our English language. It deviates from the usual or expected!

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