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February Cybertips

Written by Jack Peckham on Tuesday, 03 February 2009 6:00 pm

Trick #1: Phone Call Butler

Tired of paying big bucks for information? Tired of fumbling with pen and paper to write down a number? Those Google people never fail to amaze us. Now they have come up with an 800 number you can call and ask for any business in the country. They then dial it and connect to it for you.

You can use it from a land line or cell phone and, once programmed into your cell phone, you can get connected with one push of a button. In addition to dialing for you, you can request by business category and get a map or a text message with more detail.

Neat stuff - and oh yes - there is no cost for this service. Long live Google.

Trick #2: Use Your Phone Number as Your E-mail Address

How'd you like to use your phone number for your e-mail address? Next time someone asks for your e-mail address just give them your phone number and tell them "email me at my number."

Emails sent to you at your "phone number e-mail address" will then be forwarded to the email address you register. This easy-to-remember address makes it convenient for folks. No more rustling for pen and paper, No more "D as in Donald, S as in Sam." No more hyphen, dot, dash etc" No confusion, no hassle.

And - guess what - it's on the house.

Great Place #1: Beat My Price

Think you have a great price on that new TV (phone, sweater - whatever)? Swing on by this great place to see if any other merchant is offering the object of your attention at a lesser price.

Real easy to use -just enter the URL of the product you are pursuing and up comes a report showing what other folks are selling this item for.

Now you can remove any doubt that you "got "the best price".

Great Place #2: Music of Your choice - At Your Beck and Call

How about having your favorite artist, song or type of music at your beck and call? This great place gives you that and more. Just type your choice into a simple Google type interface and you're off and running listening to all of your favorites. And when you return, this neat place starts right up playing your last choice.

The price is right. All of this great music is on the house.

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