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Many Different Areas to Choose from Florida Real Estate

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Florida real estate properties are some of the hottest in the United States, as well as the global real estate market. Even in the economic downturn and mortgage lending crisis, the real estate in the state of Florida proves highly sought after by individual homeowners as well as prospective investors. Given the current trend of down turned real estate pricing throughout the country, Florida real estate has too not been immune to lowered appraisal values and now, potentially great deals for consumers and investors seeking to garner any one of the myriad of amazing Florida real estate offerings available today.

The state of Florida, and in turn Florida real estate, offers a highly diverse number of locations and properties throughout every crevice of the state. Naturally, the majority of the population density centres around the coastal regions of Southeast Florida and Southwest Florida, however, there are still thousands of other Florida real estate offerings waiting to be found in the Central and Panhandle regions of Florida as well. A little research, and perhaps some of the information put forth in this article, can enlighten potential Florida real estate buyers to the nature and locations of the Florida real estate market.

Southwest Florida real estate offers the exciting urban environment with the luxurious beach climate that many vacationers, as well as homeowners, crave. Cities in this region, including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, South Beach, Boca Raton, Plantation, and Pompano Beach, offer a number of unique living standards, all while being within minutes of the gorgeous coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

All of these areas are minutes away from the Atlantic Ocean and the accompanying beaches through the vast network of public transportation and roads available. Highways such as I-95, I-595, I-70, US-1, A-1A, and Florida's Turnpike offer commuters easy and efficient access throughout much of the state as well as to almost every corner of the Southeast Florida area. Generally, the Florida real estate found in Southeast region of the state will prove highly varied in style and associated costs dependent on location. Properties often available in this region range from luxury beach front property to residential dwellings to large condo and town home complexes dotting the entire landscape of the region.

The few metropolitan areas found within and around the Central Florida real estate market include the cities of Orlando, St. Petersburg, and a few other smaller communities in and around these areas. Typically, persons wishing to avoid the tourist attractions found closer to the coast areas of Florida will enjoy researching Florida real estate in the central region of the state.

Southwestern Florida real estate entices prospective homeowners with a luxuriously relaxing network of white sandy beaches up and along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Popular areas in the Southwestern Coast of Florida include Sanibel Island, Captiva Island, Fort Meyers, and other coastal communities that prove attractive to vacationers, seasonal homeowners, and year-around residents as well.

The last region of Florida real estate is found in the least densely populated Central region. Some of the least expensive real estate in Florida is found in this region, which boasts all the accouterments of the Florida climate and is generally within only a few hours' drive of both coasts and beach locations. 


The southeast coast of Florida real estate proves highly exciting and relatively diverse as well. Many homeowners will find a plethora of choices in regards to their ideal candidates for year-around dwelling or seasonal get-away. Typically, real estate located in the Southeast area of Florida proves to be one of the most expensive in the state, however, locations in and around the coast areas offer more pragmatic homeowners the perfect opportunity to live and enjoy the South Florida lifestyle without the large real estate overhead costs. Cities in this region, including Pompano Beach, Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, South Beach, Plantation, Sawgrass, and Hialeah, offer beautiful Florida real estate all within minutes from the major beaches of the Atlantic Ocean as well any other South Florida destination.

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