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How to Organize and Execute Your Next Cross-Country Move

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A cross-country move is an exciting and challenging life change. Preparing for this type of move requires great attention to detail and a supreme level of organization. These four tips will help you to organize and execute your upcoming cross-country move.

Take Notes

Use a notebook or an app to keep track of everything that needs to be done. Make notes as you work on or complete each task. This will help to ensure that you do not forget anything, such as setting up the internet service at your new place or filing a change of address form at the post office. Be sure to save any receipts that are related to your move, because you may be able to deduct some of your moving expenses when you file your federal tax returns.

Make a Timeline

Find out the deadlines for when everything needs to be done and when you must be at your destination. Some important deadlines include turning in the keys to your current place, receiving the keys to your new place, disconnecting utilities, setting up new services and scheduling movers. Then create a timeline for yourself and break each task into steps. For example, before turning in your keys, you may need to remove all belongings and have your place deep-cleaned.

Self-storage Units

If you are selling your home before you move, consider a self-storage unit. You can pack and store your off-season belongings, some furniture and personal items, such as photographs to make it easier to show your home. Some companies, like Tysons Self Storage, realize that storage units is also great for a temporary move. You can find self-storage units that are climate-controlled, offer secured access and allow you to get to your belongings every day of the week.

Hire Movers

Trying to manage the logistics of a cross-country move all on your own can be a challenge. From tying up loose ends, changing your mail, disconnecting and setting up utilities, packing your belongings and selling your house, you might feel overwhelmed. Consider hiring movers to do some of this for you. You can find movers who do all the packing and loading or hire a crew to just do the transporting of your belongings.

Planning a well-coordinated move across the country takes a few months. By listing out each step and keeping track of what you have done, you can lower your stress level. You can also make use of resources such as movers and self-storage units for a simpler move.

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