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My Realty Times is your own personalized version of Realty Times. First and foremost, every morning, we will email today's articles for you to share, post or email with your sphere of influence. This allows you to stay in touch with useful content without being intrusive! Please note – all of the articles carry your contact information and your picture or logo.

Once you create your FREE account you can then publish articles on the main site of Realty Times. However, when a reader clicks on the article, it will link directly back to your My Realty Times. The more you write, the more traffic will go to your My Realty Times. Also, all articles on Realty Times are indexed by Google, Bing and other search engines. So when you write an article and someone accesses your article from a search engine, it will link to your My Realty Times. Slowly but surely your version of My Realty Times will gain more and more traffic.

As you will notice on Realty Times we now have five distinct categories that agents can post their articles:
• Listing stories• Advice from Agents
• Market Outlook Report• Announcements
• Advice from the Expert
You are welcome to write anything that fits under these five categories. It is important to know, no other agent's articles will appear on your My Realty Times. However, that is just the beginning - We have also replicated the Realty Times' library in your My Realty Times. From now on every article that is accessed from your My Realty Times will highlight you and link back to your My Realty Times (click around you'll understand). This is more than 20,000 articles of news and advice! Feel free to send out or post any of these other articles. The more you post and email out these other articles from your site, the more traffic you will get back to your My Realty Times.

Not only will we give you stats on the articles you write, but we will also give you a monthly tally on visitors to your My Realty Times.