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I know this is an old article. But I think this is funny. The pricing is state regulated. The price point for the amount of work involved with the underwriting is low. Title Agents as myself work on one persons file for hours if not sometimes an entire week. Not to mention the numerous searches and updates that we order and pay for upfront for the process. We pay these "out of pocket fees" ourselves until we get reimbursed at closing if it ever closes at all. If it doesn't make it to the closing table or the transaction falls apart Title Agents are left holding the bag at a rate of $200-$1000 worth of search work that is now useless. This happens are a higher rate in this market than ever because of strict underwriting guidelines and appraisals not meeting the value of the purchase price. All in all rates are not high for this very important part of the transaction. People need to be more educated about the process and exactly what we cover. They need to understand the importance of the product and that a Title Agency is the one who sets up the entire deal for closing. We underwrite this policy and we are the ones that advise the Realtors, Attorneys, Lenders/Banks, Homeowners of what needs to be done to close this transaction. We are a liaison between all parties working harmoniously to make sure your most important investment is kept safe. Further more any company like "My Closing Space" that offers a discounted fee for title insurance and wants to offer the lowest rates around. Guess where they will be in five years??? Out of business! And yes they are and have been for a couple of years now! If you are spending the money on the proper searches there is no room for a discount or it would greatly affect the quality and the legitimacy of the work. The rates were just raised in NJ by 5% and for good reason!