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Creating Your Championship Performance

Written by on Thursday, 11 October 2012 7:00 pm

I will share with you a few short keys to help you move your way up to being a high producing rainmaker in your business. The pathway to excellence is not easy. It's one of the key reasons most people never achieve it. They aren't willing to apply themselves with enough focus, force, and consistency to overcome the challenges and hurdles that litter the small, narrow, rocky pathway to super success!

A number of years ago, I started to plan out what I wanted to teach my son, Wesley. What were the tools, skills, characteristics, knowledge, and attitudes I wanted to instill in him? He is, in effect, "on loan" to Joan and I for 18 years. I want the loan to be at full maturity when it comes due in 13 more years.

Once I had completed my plan, I asked myself a question. If I could only ensure he got one of these because my life was cut short, which one would I select? It took me a few minutes to decide which one. My decision was discipline. Now, you might have selected something else from the list for your child. The reason I selected discipline was because, if he got that, he could acquire any of the others in my plan when he needed it. If he really needed something later in life, his discipline would give him the basic building block to achieve it. I also recognized at that moment that, if he learned and acted in a disciplined way, his success was guaranteed. It doesn't mean he won't have hardships and challenges; it means he would have the primary skill necessary to work through them. A Champion Listing Agent is no different. To really be at that Champion level, they have to acquire discipline.

Discipline is the most fundamental building block for successful people in life. Nothing of significance can be accomplished in life without first developing and then mastering the skill of discipline in a key area. It enables you to capture your motion and wisdom and translate them into action. Discipline is the bridge between thought and accomplishment - between inspiration and achievement - between necessity and productivity. Most of us align the word discipline with negative emotions, such as fear and guilt.

Here is our challenge in life: You must do things you don't want to do … so you can have the things in life you want to have. It is the process of purposeful delayed gratification. An immediate reward for lack of discipline is a Friday at the golf course. A future reward of discipline is owning the golf course. It's not a matter of "if" but of "when." If it is later, the price is greater. You will pay a greater price for your success if you put off doing disciplined action to achieve that success.

Discipline is action: an act of will and self-management aligned with your priorities. Real discipline is having total control over the yes's and no's of life

"Life is a series of problems. Discipline is a basic set of tools that are required to solve life's problems." ~M. Scott Peck

As a Champion, I define discipline as:

"A personal system of skills and personal techniques, developed by an individual, that are used to correct questionable behaviors and promote positive growth, personal development, integrity, and a strong character."

Success is not something you pursue; success is something you attract by the person you become. Our mandate is to develop disciplines of success first in ourselves and then help others on the team acquire those disciplines, as well.

Success finds you when you are:

  • Disciplined
  • Diligent
  • Consistent
  • Mentally strong
  • Have impeccable skills in sales and time management
  • Striving for greater knowledge

Most people create a large list of undisciplined habits that they posses. We all know the things that we do that lead to our demise. We resolve over and over again to wipe out those undisciplined habits from our lexicon in life. We resolve to quit smoking, quit eating certain foods or too much food. We try to attack and wipe out the negative in our lives.

For most of us, we can't focus too much on what we aren't doing in a disciplined manner. That can lead to disappointment, lack of motivation, and in extreme cases, hopelessness. Too much focus on the "have not's" rather than the new "haves" is really the wrong approach to a disciplined life. The correct approach is to focus on something new, to establish a new habit or discipline. We need to feel the good feelings and good rewards of starting and keeping with something that is beneficial to us and something new. We need to gain an advantage over the bad habits by establishing new, good ones.

Focus on walking around the block, making a couple of calls daily to your past clients, practicing your scripts and dialogues daily. These will all enable you to establish more discipline and success in your life.

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