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7 Fiber Cement Porch Ceiling Ideas That Will Improve Your Home's Curb Appeal

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 09 May 2017 17:12

A porch on the front or side of your home can really help increase the curb appeal of the whole property. Porches are also a marvelous place to go to relax and unwind at the end of a summer’s day. But the porch’s appearance doesn’t stop at its exterior; the interior of the porch, including the ceiling needs to carry the style throughout. If you’re cladding your home in durable, attractive fiber cement, consider extending the material to the porch ceiling as well. Using fiber cement panels or planks in this area is a great way to both increase the curb appeal and increase the durability of the area at the same time. These 7 fiber cement porch ceiling ideas will help you get an idea of what’s possible.




There’s nothing quite like a classic tray-style ceiling, particularly if you’re repeating the look across the front of the porch. Fiber cement panels and planks allow you to insert either a smooth tray or a beadboard style to customize the look of your porch. With the ability of fiber cement to come in so many different colors and styles, you can easily match the look, color, and design of the rest of your home.


Beadboard-style ceilings are extremely popular with cottage-style homes, invoking a country charm and a relaxed atmosphere. Unlike real beadboard, fiber cement porch ceilings will never peel or require frequent touch ups, however, so you can get the cottage style you want for your home’s exterior and ensure that it stays looking great for years to come. And because fiber cement can come in so many different colors, you can get either a classic white ceiling, or one in a color that matches your siding.


Porch ceilings don’t have to be flat or a single dimension. Add additional style and interest to your modern home exterior by making a multi-level ceiling. In this case, the exterior of the porch ceiling uses the same shingle-style as the house’s siding, while inside an elevated tray uses beadboard for added dimension. The clean white of the porch ceiling against the darker siding of the home helps to brighten the area for those sitting beneath.


Porch ceilings don’t have to be flat to be effective. In this case, an archway in the ceiling leads visitors straight to the front door, while vertical beadboard helps offset the arch from the horizontal boards used elsewhere across the ceiling. The fiber cement changes direction effortlessly to show off the many details of this porch. A mix of different colors on the trim helps to pick out these details and show them off to perfection.


If you want more dimension than a standard beadboard ceiling, but don’t want the formal look of trays, consider simply using fiber cement trim to separate the beadboard into sections. Using a light gray color on the beadboard helps soften the look of the porch ceiling, while the white trim stands out crisply and matches the trim on the siding. With the ability to recess lights into the fiber cement, your porch can now be used at any time of day or night.


Fiber cement makes a statement not only on single porches, but on multi-level porches and homes as well. Whether you have a multi-family home or you have a second porch attached to an upper story bedroom, fiber cement beadboard gives you a classic, repeating design that enhances the entire front of the building at once. The clean lines of the beadboard emphasize the lines of the porch rail, while contrasting pleasantly with the shingles on the siding. No matter which angle you view these porches from, their style matches that of the building perfectly.


Sometimes dimension and interest come from mixing several different styles or looks in one area. On this home, large format, architectural panels and metal-finish filler strips contrast with the planks on the porch ceiling. The look that’s achieved is one of rustic modern design – a relatively new trend that is quickly gaining in popularity as homeowners look for ways to meld distinct designs into one, useable style for their whole home. In both areas of this home’s exterior, the same finish is used to give the two different styles a cohesive effect that pulls it all together.


With so many different colors and styles to choose from, you’ll have no trouble finding a fiber cement product that works for your porch ceiling. And every porch built with fiber cement gets the same benefits as the rest of the home, including moisture, fire, and insect resistance and a low-maintenance finish that is guaranteed to last. Extend your home’s curb appeal right through the porch ceiling, and picture yourself relaxing beneath a beautiful new porch this summer.

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