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The Importance of Safety Initiatives in Your Community

Written by Posted On Monday, 19 June 2017 13:46

When house hunting, you probably have a long checklist of things that are “must haves” for your new property. While new shingles and a high efficiency HVAC system are important features, don’t forget to consider the benefits of living in a safe community.

Whether you’re buying a home in a close knit neighborhood of townhomes and condos or a secluded property a few miles out of town, it’s important to familiarize yourself with some of the safety initiatives to keep you and your family safe year round.

Benefits of Safety Initiatives

Living in community with safety initiatives will not only keep you and your family safer, but it will keep your community alive as more people will want to live there. You’re also likely to live in a healthy and happy community that cares about and reaches out to others.

Even if you consider yourself to be a private person, you may be inspired to reach out and lend a helping hand and even join a planning committee or safety group.

Here are some safety plans that are common in most communities throughout the U.S.:

Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch has been a popular safety initiative for decades. Initially, it was developed to be an extra set of eyes and ears on the lookout for criminal activity in a neighborhood. With houses empty throughout the day, they become easy targets for theft.

Neighborhood safety has expanded to offer safety tips to families who work from home or how to protect your property while on vacation. As more and more neighborhoods are trying to regain a feeling of togetherness and community, Neighborhood Watch programs are being established.

Child Seat and Bicycle Inspections

If you have young children, their safety is your number one priority. You recognize the importance of buckling up your child in an age-appropriate car seat each time you get behind the wheel, but do you know if it’s properly installed? Most communities offer free car seat inspections.

Do you have a child who loves to ride a bicycle? Similar programs will offer bicycle tune-ups and free helmets to all children with a bicycle.

Community Preparedness

Natural disasters and tragedies can strike a community unexpectedly at anytime. If your community is prepared and has an emergency safety plan in place, it can help decrease the amount of injuries and fatalities.

Law Enforcement Involvement

All communities have law enforcement that works to keep the community safe by patrolling neighborhoods. While it’s an invaluable service, it’s beneficial to live in a community that has programs to eliminate preventable accidents.

Most communities have a Click It or Ticket campaign at least once a year, which encourages all motorists to buckle up. MADD and DARE are successful in keeping children and teenagers from drinking or experimenting with drugs.

Want to find out which safety initiatives are in your community? Check the city website, community calendar, your real estate agent or talk with your prospective neighbors

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